How to Traverse Galaxies (without the blood, sweat and tears)

If you would like to see more of the NMS Universe, here is an easy way. Naturally, you could join someone else’s game and travel to a base they have in a distant galaxy and then use a space station teleporter back to your previous galaxy but, that requires knowing someone and using MP.

For all the solo players out there, here ya go!

First up, choose an S class ship with a lot of Hyperdrive range. Personally, I love my Living Ship.
Empty the Storage Sacs of all important equipment and mods. I don’t mind leaving my figurines because they only require 5 Carbon to fix. Since everything will break, you may want to equip a MT that you do not use or like much. If your suit is packed with mods, well there is not much to do because there is not much room for moving them around.

I was in Galaxy 85 and near the outer edge so a long ways from the center.

Board the Space Station and grab a stack of Planetary Charts for Ancient Artifact Sites.

Make sure you have on hand some Gifts appropriate for the people who occupy the system you are in. Either Gek Relics, Vy’Keen Effigy or Korvax Casing.
Plot a Route with a Planetary Chart until it leads you to one of these Monoliths.

It may take several tries. If it leads you to the other sites, ask for Knowledge from the Past and go to the Ancient Ruin it points you to and dig up some treasure for some nice Units to pad your pockets for your new start in a new galaxy.
Once you have landed at the appropriate structure, jump out of your ship and you will have a nice save point in case you mess up the next step. Simply reload your game.
You will need to answer the riddle correctly (or not. It seems to depend on the riddle) and get the nice little firework that lights up the sky.
If you succeed, interact with the Monolith again, and this time, ask for the location of a Portal

and give the appropriate gift.

Come prepared…(hmmmm…digging time)

I keep Ionised Cobalt (5 for each use)
Cadmium (10 each use)
Sodium Nitrite (4 each use)
Condensed Carbon (7 each use)
Once the portal is charged, enter all SUNSETS and you will see this (don’t panic)

Enjoy the trip

Hello system near the center. Most of the time you will find a comm waiting for you.

Call in your ship and head to space
You will see that you are now around 5,000 LY from the center.
Fully charge your Hyperdrive and open the Galaxy Map. Free up your map and point yourself toward the center of the galaxy and jump as far as your Hyperdrive will take you.

Recharge your Hyperdrive and on the Galaxy Map, make sure you choose Galactic Core. Jump all the way to the end of the directed route

Do not be surprised if it reads Visited…I think that is how this shortcut works but someone else can likely explain that better than I can
Now warp there.
Recharge your Hyperdrive again (this is another reason I prefer the Living Ship since it is recharged with minerals and does not need crafting of cells etc…)
Once recharged, open the Galactic map once more and you should be very close now.

Once again follow the route shown on your map and this time it will require a long press to activate the jump. You can see a circle slowly filling in the top right of the screen. Once done, you will see this

Goodbye old galaxy

(enjoy the music)
Hello new galaxy

Now, IF, and this is a big IF, the shortcut is working (and yes, it is widely held that HG put this shortcut in place so don’t think of it as a cheat) IF it works, you will briefly see the planet you have landed on (and yes everything is broken) but then you should be quickly warped away with a ground-shaking rumble, to a galaxy near the center. This would allow you to immediately repeat the last few steps above to quickly move into the next galaxy, HOWEVER, the shortcut does not always work in which case, you will need to repeat all of the steps above…
I hope I did not leave any steps out…if I did, just let me know. I will review this again after I take a break. :weary: :smile:

For easy return to previously visited galaxies, just plop down a base computer. You don’t really even need to build a base. As long as you have a claimed spot, you can return to it from anywhere within the NMS universe. I am not sure, is there a limit to the number of BCs we can place? I know there is a limit to the number of base pieces we can place out… :weary: deleting half of them is what I have been doing lately…

EDIT I now understand something I read about but did not understand at the time. If you enter a new galaxy and the shortcut to a system near the center does not work, here is what you do to fix it.
Follow the above procedure for getting to a system near the center. When you reach the point where you are about 5,000 LY from the center, call in the Anomaly and ask Polo for Blackhole cords. Jump thru one. This will not move you very far because you are so close to the center but, it apparently creates some sort of ‘marker’. When you enter the next galaxy, the shortcut should work and you should immediately warp to a system near the center.
The understanding came to me when I realized that my Freighter kept appearing to be marked on the Galactic Map as being in a system near the center. That is because I called it in near the center about 3 galaxies back. So the game places my Freighter in the same location in the next Galaxy I go to…the NMS Universe is a strange place.


That was absolutely well put together! Thank you for this guide! :heart:


Edited for some errors above.
Another tip, if you are just passing thru a galaxy, don’t worry about fixing your suit.
And making sure your ship is well protected by moving components to tech slots is more important now that pirates are prowling in large number. You cannot land on a planet until you have dealt with them. I was attacked by 5 just as I tried to land at a portal.
Oh and if you are racing thru the galaxies, don’t forget to jump out of you ship and save. I went thru 5 galaxies one time and my game crashed and I had forgotten to make any saves…
Also edited above and added how to fix the shortcut if it does not work. ( I tested it only twice…hope it holds true)


I would like to add two things:

  1. When you get to the last system before the centre, open the map and do not deselect the system icon you are in. Instead, hold down the left mouse key and keep it held (Or whatever you need to hold down on other devices), and carefully move the little (yellow?) cursor around until it touches the red line. Keep holding the key down even after the colour of the line changes until the stars start moving around you.

It took me ages trying to figure out why I couldn’t just fly to or go though. It is a tricksy bit. I had to research it after spending 15 frustrating minutes at it. Found the advice on Steam forums.

  1. After making sure I had a junk ship, a junk Multi-tool, and and empty inventory, before going through, I learned that if you use your freighter for the actual jump, you lose nothing. No damage. Worked perfectly for me.

Hope this helps.


Here is a handy chart for moving to different quadrants within any galaxy. Came from Reddit