A No Man's Sky Audio Story: "WHOIS Traveller"


Over the course of the last few weeks I created several audio-related fan works - a couple of these ‘audio stories’, and also piano improv based on the No Man’s Sky soundtrack. I wanted to share one of those now, a short audio story of the text from the ARG, “WHOIS Traveller”.

Would love to hear any feedback, I hope to make more!

If you have written a No Man’s Sky journal or story and like the idea of it being turned into something like this, get in touch :slight_smile:


oh wow wtf @hilightnotes!!
Comes from no where and completely blows me away! 1:30 intense mode!!
You’re incredebly talented, I will listen it again for sure.

holly shoot


Certainly loving it and would not mind hearing more like this. Keep up the good work!

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:smiley: Here’s the other I have made, so far.
A No Man’s Sky Audio Story: "The Signal and the Dying Planet"
It is a bit longer, and comes from the abandoned building lore for “The Signal and the Dying Planet”. I made a few alternate versions of this one, I’m not sure which my favourite is ha. This one has more of a ‘human’ voice, while the original I posted has a more synthetic voice.

Yeah I’m new here but I plan to stick around :wink: I’ve been around the No Man’s Sky community for a long time, on reddit and such, but I’ve always been more of a forum person. I’m really glad to see this place stick around post-ARG!


Wow, sounds like the CSD theme song to me!

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Aw ha that’s a very nice comment, thanks! That would be fun, or maybe if anyone has other suggestions for a different bit of dialogue or writing that represents the CSD, I could try putting that to audio :smiley:

@Iyrsiiea you mentioned you had some IC logs you had created aaages ago, maybe something to collaborate with to make a video log? :slight_smile:

Are you talking about this?

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That’s the one!

That’s neat :slight_smile: It could definitely be interesting to do something with a log like that. When I was doing a No Man’s Sky piano/voice stream the other day someone was suggesting it would be interesting if I also added soundscapes to this kind of thing, to augment the story. I think that would be especially appropriate with something like that where it’s a log of a planet, to capture it’s ‘story’.

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