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Ok. I edited my original comment. Now the question I have is about the base comps in the wild. These are for Legacy Bases. They will allow you to build a new base but not upload it. Does that mean it could be wiped by a Legacy Base being built there? I would assume yes.

Never understood what Upload would do. Thought it might have something to do with multiplayer and wasn’t interested.

Haven’t found a Base Computer in the wild. Prior to NEXT, I used to be able to spot bases from the air. But a Base Computer is just too small.

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This is a Tech Setup question:

Currently, the game gives you:

Inventory Placement
Jetpack Shield
Health Module Blank

I really want to link my Jetpack upgrades to my Jetpack!

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The only way I know is out of game, using the save editor. There you can move what you cannot ingame. So once you have the max slot in the upper line you can replace everything you want.

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Hey guys, sorry to quickly bring another sujbect on the table.

Anyone has ever heard about Cryo-pumps? They say that once this item is crafted, it’s worth a LOT of money…

Only problem is how to craft these two guys over here:


Anyone tried it already? :sunglasses:


Yep! You can get the blueprints from manufacturing facilities.

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TIP: Photo Missions: PC_Steam:

Apparently the Steam Overly keyboard key will take the photo but will not complete the quest directive. I had to use the L_Mouse key for the game to recognise that I had fulfilled the quest requirement.

Took me hours to figure out why it wasn’t working. lol


Does anyone know how to get a freighter hyperdrive blueprint? i really need one, i dont want to leave my old freighter. but it doesnt have a hyperdrive, i got it at 1.3 where you couldnt warp with freighters


Daaaamn, you might be out of luck there. If you’re on PC you try a savegame editor or possibly a mod, but apart from that, I don’t think you’ll be able to get one.

A last resort might be to attach the save to a zendesk issue and ask them if they could fix that for you. HG have fixed individual saves before…


There has been a lot if discussion on this and no one seems to know where they are or if they even exist or if they may be coming later or not at all…:weary:

Well, he’s not talking about the warp reactors. He’s talking about the actual hyperdrive, it seems. Without which you wouldn’t be able to do any freighter jumps at all.

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Ha ha…my bad. That’s what I get for responding right after waking up…:sleeping: :dizzy_face:

I just checked with the wiki, and it says that the hyperdrive is supposed to be pre-installed and unable to be dismantled.
Unless you have a reason to warp with your freighter, I think that the best solution would be to just warp with a spacecraft and summon the freighter, until you can find a freighter that you want to upgrading to.


Prior to Atlas Rises, freighters did not have the hyperdrive. Warping with the freighter was introduced with Atlas Rises, where you were required to finish an early mission to obtain the blueprint to craft one. This, back then, caused issues as well with older saves. Now with Next the hyperdrive comes pre-installed, but once again an issue for those who have an old save pre-dating Atlas Rises.

I do agree that it is likely only an issue if you really require to warp with your freighter. Considering the jump distance we can achieve, pretty much any normal ship can easily out-jump a freighter, especially with just a couple of upgrades. I would personally not be bothered to not have a hyperdrive installed on my freighter, unless it has consequences I am unaware of.


They do come in kind of handy in early game because their drives are a lot more efficient than unmodified starship drives. But owning a freighter in a pre-1.3 save doesn’t count as early game by any stretch of the imagination…


If you have a pre-NEXT legacy game, and if, in your old game, you had obtained the freighter hyperdrive upgrades, then you will still have the blueprints. And you can still build the upgrades in any freighter you own.


Unfortunately, if you didn’t have the upgrades in your old game, then you won’t have then now. And if you’ve started a new game, you can’t get them, either.

And if your legacy freighter didn’t even have a hyperdrive, then you’re really stuck, because you can’t build the freighter hyperdrive any more - they come pre-installed, so the blueprint doesn’t exist.

Without the upgrades, the jump range of a new freighter is very limited - you’re much better off with a regular starship.

Even if you were able to add a hyperdrive to your old freighter, you still wouldn’t have the upgrades. So your freighter would be stuck with limited jump distance. Unfortunately, this will also be the case if you get a new freighter. You still won’t have (and can’t get) the upgrades.


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They’re available at the freighter research terminal on the freighters bridge, along with the one-shot frigate upgrades. I just haven’t figured out how to get the salvaged frigate modules, but I only have my freighter since yesterday evening, so I suspect they’ll just start to randomly show up in salvage data from now on…


Unfortunately, the splitting of this post seems to have necroed my post from October 2018.

The information I gave nearly a year ago was accurate at the time. But a lot has changed since then.:grinning:


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