Are Creative players welcome here?

Hi, I have been playing for about a year in creative mode, i have a you tube called No man’s sky:Grandma in space.
My main love is to walk about and find the animals and plants but I also want to travel further and need a warp drive. My ship has 46 hyperdrive, think it is 46 near that figure.
I am beging to watch other players vids… so interesting to see the different styles of playing.
Wil the new update affect the creative mode? Thoughts on that please, thanks.


I certainly hope there’s no bias against Creative-type players, I’m much like you, an explorer type, but instead of using Creative mode, I’ve hacked my ships to provide massive jump range (even though I don’t use max range, I just pick somewhere random) and I also use an infinite jetpack mod.

Creative mode could probably use some more lovin.

I’m pretty sure all players are welcome here. Welcome.

Oh, thanks for the quick replay… glad I am not talking to myself…like when I walk on planet about cursing that one last animal not appearing!!!
I think there is a great chance for creative, what about catching animals and putting them in farms? Or safe breeding zones away from predators. After all if one was on planet then that would be something a human would want to do I think. Wish also that visitors could come and see the animals and leave comments maybe via a robot that can walk and talk with you as a friend… it is a lonely experience al this travelling…

Hi, thanks for the welcome.

Hi, and welcome. Yes, creative players are of course also welcome. :slight_smile:

In fact, I’ve read in the patch notes that they’re regenerating the galaxy to sync planets between all these modes, which might even mean that some form of base-visiting between them might be possible, but at the very least, that we will all be able to use the same glyph codes to use portals to go places. =)

There is no judging here you should of heard some of the things we were throwing out there during phase 2 I think if a doctor read it some of us would be committed :joy::joy:

Quite the opposite, actually. Anyone who holds disdain for creative players is not welcome here :stuck_out_tongue: ETARC is a welcoming place for everyone (except the trolls), and there’s certainly place for creative artists in our Citizen Science Hub Initiative. We need the best architects to build us the best offices, shrines, and shopping malls :slight_smile:

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No. Creative players are not welcome here…
…they are SUPER welcome here!

Get in here you, and start sharing some pics of all that creativity!!


Ooo then if the base visiting happens my Bed and Breakfast Base called Base Sweet Base… might start getting some visitors! Just uploaded a vid to my youtube channel now… It looks a bit different now from the vid as i made it before i knew what I was doing and there has been an upgrade in textures scince as well…

Thanks will do

Ha…I have to learn to say…when on NMS now at home beacuse I forget that family dont always know I am talking about seeing something there or in the so called Real world!

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I would like to build a breeding animals area safe from predators…but that would mean being able to catch and look after them so it would need an update for that!


Might as well start planning in advance :slight_smile:




:bulb: Hello Games, interesting idea for you to ponder! :paw_prints: