Creative mode players/gameplay discussion?

Greetings Travellers,
I’ve been away from NMS for a while, and just jumped back in after several updates.

We finally got black holes back in Creative mode! W00t! Getting to galactic cores via black holes is back for those who want to explore galaxies with leisurely 7,000ly jumps.
Difficulty settings are a creative mode game changer. Absolutely fantastic.

My original Creative Mode strategy:

I’ve used this strategy for my newest Creative mode save, and it still (mostly) applies.

The new ability to tweak difficulty settings is great because you can tweak pretty much everything, so it doesn’t need to be “Everything is always free, and I’m totally invincible” - and if you don’t lock the settings, you can use them selectively during a game to help with the grindy bits that you don’t like.

Infinite possibilities.

Mods: Apologies if this is in the wrong place… is there a better place to talk about creative mode gameplay?


Welcome back @ThrashNeon !
I have taken a special liking to Relaxed Mode but Creative is still great for building. I too love the array of tweeks we can now make to the game. One of the best changes to the game to date.


Agreed 100%…
I haven’t started a brand new creative/custom save since the update, but looking at the settings that got applied to a previous creative save was interesting. Love being able to adjust it on the fly, too.


It has been a lifesaver for me! I have become so blind I can no longer do space combat! So I have enemies as “weak” and I run away to the station while my squad keeps them occupied. lol

I have the critters so they will attack only if I attack them, no loss of items if I die, etc., and I like to gather, construct and manufacture stuff, but also need to pay for what I receive, so I leave that slider up a little.

I have not revisited any of my actual “Creative Mode” saves. But black holes sounds fun. And if you have “no damage” turned on, you could take your favorite ship on the journey instead of a junker. Although the Anomaly can send us to Eissentam via its portal if one is in a hurry.

Next for me to being able to change those options, are the new ships that can hover! Didn’t we have that early on? I seem to remember we did.

Oh, and welcome back, @ThrashNeon ! :heart:


Yep… that’s handy as long as it stays in the Teleporter.

I just finished the Artemis Path on my creative save, so got to Eissentam that way just before I heard about the Teleporter destination. lol.

But I enjoy that mission/questline and it really doesn’t take all that long (a weekend, maybe?).

On my current game, I got to Calypso before starting the Artemis Path, so now I have 4 galaxies that I can jump between to explore. :sunglasses:


Totally. It’s a game changer for those who shun combat.

I had submitted a request for “sliders” for hazards, enemy frequency, and enemy strength a while back. We finally got that and more!


A bit off topic, but I want to explain an idea I had recently.

I don’t like that they made all saves able to change difficulty, and created a Relaxed difficulty, which doesn’t have any real difference from other saves since you can change the difficulty.

Instead, I think they should have made a “Custom” game mode in which you can change the difficulty whenever you want, while all other modes still have the original pre-set difficulty levels which cannot be changed.

This would prevent all game modes from essentially being the same, like it is now (sure, they added the ability to voluntarily lock difficulty, but all game modes are essentially the same now when you start if you change the difficulty, so there’s no longer a reason to offer game modes), and still have a separate Custom mode for people like the OP to play as they want if they prefer that.


Since No Man’s Sky is not at heart a game of competition, allowing changes in any mode is fine with me.

I think Hello Games added the Relaxed mode merely as a fast pick of settings that you can still adapt. That seems to be present in other software, so not really foreign to a game. It may also be a nice addition for new players who are not sure what to choose.

Another aspect is the slider advantage to new players. If you are a veteran gamer you can increase difficulty. If you are a novice or loathe combat, you can decrease hazards.

A Relaxed Mode could be great for a new player to learn the game. They then could bump up levels as they like after acquiring skills and gameplay techniques.


Yes, but aren’t the survival and permadeath trophies/achievements meaningless now? If someone can just change to permadeath right before entering the center of the universe, or does it not work like that?


I thought permadeath prevented some adjustments, but have not checked.

Again, though, comparing who has what achievements is competition.

You decide if and when to seek specific achievements. So being able to adjust settings is up to you. Do or not do… your choice.


Yes, but I as a player like when I am locked into a specific difficulty so I am not tempted to change difficulty to overcome a challenge. I guess the locking difficulty option works for that


I agree. It would also avoid the whole debate about the difficulty icons. Custom mode would still allow what @Clemm is talking about but would also allow others to lock their game into whatever difficulty they choose. It would also keep those game mode icons pure for people who want to MP with others in the same difficulty setting.


Theres symbols that now denote a savetype when looking at a player or their bases, I feel like they’ve taken on the role of a badge of honor, so those who are still truly playing permadeath can show it to other players viewing them or their bases. If you change at any point I believe the symbol tied to your playthrough profile changes to a cog I think or an asterisk appears, forget which it is. I think it also shows if a player has locked their difficulty, so thats another thing proud permadeath players like to show off I believe :smiley:


Initially I enjoyed playing in Creative Mode, then after the difficulty settings was added, I decided to enable onground combat because I thought planets totally without Sentinels would be too boring. however, now I am pretty annoyed because, ‘‘Why can’t I permanently disable the sentinels on my home planet!!’’ :rofl:


An interesting observation about races in No Man’s Sky and possible basis in human folklore and mythology…