PS4-XB1-PC Creative Players

Hey guys,

So I’ve been a creative player for a while now. I find there’s not much of a good use for us creative players yet other than the self thrill of exploration and journeying. While the normal game modes and up are all playing together.

I wish all game modes in NMS could jam together even if creative was disabled far as transferring items goes.

I want this thread to be for the creative folks on each respected console who still like to party up in creative and just mess around, make friends and have Finn exploring together without the need for Normal or any other game mode.

I’ll start//

PS4 - DannLcus (Creative & Normal Player) Galactic Hub Member within Normal Gamemode. Electrician, Base Construction, Planatary Researcher, Fueler, HUber-G-245 - Euclid


Welcome to the forum @Dannlcus!

I am sure we have some creative players out here. I am on PC myself and merely use creative mode for testing, while I do most my building and game-play in Normal mode. I hope you find some like-minded players out here :wink:

Note: I changed category to ‘NMS Beyond’


Welcome to the forum! I know we have Creative Mode PS4 players here. On PC myself. I use Creative to practice glitch building. Normal mode for gameplay.


Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

I haven’t played on creative since Beyond was dropped, Since then I have only played PC Normal.

I mainly love to gather stuff and do xeno-landscape Photography and then paint acrylic studies from the screenshots.

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