Creative mode "strategy tips" - Updated for Origins

Here’s how I’ve been doing creative mode (updated for Origins):I guess there might be spoilers in here, if you are totally new to the game.

For creative mode, personally, I want to settle in a Tranquil galaxy, so my goal is to get to Eissentam!. The quickest/easiest way to do this is to do the Artemis quest.

When the game starts, I immediately install the economy and conflict scanners, and launch to check the current system for cool home planets and the galaxy map for decent system economies – preferably both. At the first space station, you can check for S-class hyperdrive upgrades and buy an exosuit slot upgrade (optional, but I like to max all my suit slots) and check the first multi-tool vendor for a cool looking MT. You can hang out in the space station and keep an eye out for cool ships to buy and upgrade.

If you want to max out your ship/MT/exosuit tech, check all the vendors for S-class tech upgrades. If you find S-class upgrades that you like (suit mobility, hyperdrive, and scanner), buy and install them and then do a quick save in the station (jump into and out of your ship), and immediately reload the Autosave from the options menu - do this 3 times for max S-class upgrades for that particular tech. I don’t believe it’s possible to get ALL the S-class tech upgrades that you might want from one station, so you might want to make a note of which nearby systems have the ones you want, and just repeat the process for each.

I like to shop for cool ships - I like to have a 38 +12 A or S class Explorer or Exotic as my main ship (wealthy systems) and high class 24 slot multi-tool (usually Vy’keen systems) upgrades. *

To shop for ships, I usually look for trading posts in a wealthy system, and put a beacon on the top of it to get back to it easily (or even build a base computer right underneath it). From the roof of the trading post, you can scan all 7 landing pads easily for ship upgrades (don’t park your ship on one of the landing pads - to maximize chances of ships to buy).

  • As of recent updates, you can upgrade all ship and multitool class and storage for free in any station, so you just need to find something you like the looks of. You can buy your fleet of six ships whenever you like.

Once I have an S-Class Explorer or Exotic with maxed out S-Class Hyperdrive upgrades, I’ll start the Artemis questline by summoning the Anomaly. Complete the questline to choose a galaxy type to jump to.


If you want to explore different galaxy types (Tranquil, Ancestral, etc) without doing the Artemis quest, it may make sense to get to the galactic core before you do anything else. The quickest/easiest way to do this is to find a portal and enter coordinates for planets near the galactic core (you can google coords for this).To find a portal, visit the space station cartographer, and choose ‘Exchange Maps’. This will allow you to exchange Navigational Data for maps. Select the Planetary Chart with Alien Cartographic Data. Buy several, because they don’t always show portals or monoliths. Open them in your inventory to look for portals/monoliths. A monolith will give you portal coordinates.

Of course, if you’re happy with the galaxy you’re in, it’s still nice to have portals at both ends to explore from. I like to set up bases both at the rim and near the core of each galaxy.

If you want to have 3 galaxies to explore fairly quickly (15hrs or so):

  1. Get to Euclid’s core using a portal. Do NOT Start the Artemis questline yet.
  2. Go through core to get to Hilbert Dimension (Galaxy #2)
  3. In Hilbert, complete Artemis questline (Galaxy #3)

I also like to max out my faction rep and language. You can totally max your faction rep from aliens at any space station. Just keep giving him his faction reward item (this choice does not despawn). For languages, you’ll need to talk to every alien on a specific station or outpost and learn words (this choice DOES despawn).

After doing all or most of the above, you can settle down and explore or build bases or do missions.


Primary missions:At the beginning of a new game, the missions for the Atlas Path (Space Anomoly/Nada & Polo) and Apollo/Artemis will pop up.You can do the Atlas path mission if you want to. It’s optional, but I like it.

Secondary missions:The base building missions will pop up.You can do these if you want. Entirely optional.IMPORTANT: If you plan on doing the Artemis quest, I recommend you DO NOT do ANY base building until you are prompted to by the Artemis questline. You will need to do some (not all) of the base building tasks to progress through the Artemis quest. I don’t know if the Origins update fixed it, but last week, and I could not complete or restart the Artemis quest, due to the base building part of it being bugged (PS4). On a new save, I was able to complete the quest by NOT doing any base building until prompted by the questline.

Faction missions: I like to do these for guild rep.The package delivery missions are nice to do because they take you to trading posts (for ship shopping/upgrades).

That’s pretty much it… I usually don’t get into freighters until after I get to my preferred galaxy, but I guess you could do that whenever you like.