The Overseer's Palace

Hey kids! I’ve been loving the new stone set and got a little carried away building a gigantic palace/temple complex above my settlement. WIP but enjoy! I’ll probably do a video tour on my YouTube channel soon :wink:


Okay, yeah, that is big. And a nice layout for such a structure. Definitely missing some statues, though!


Added creative mode to your tag. Post a link to the vid when you are done. :+1:

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@sheralmyst it was in normal mode. Is creative mode only for when you’re playing creative mode?

Also @jedidia I need to get the blueprint for statues for sure!

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In the past, Creative Mode let you build more, but I don’t know if that holds true now.

I use Creative Mode a lot because my primary role is xenophotography. Creative Mode let’s you ignore resource needs and hazards don’t affect you. Sadly, though, you never get to see many horrors in Creative Mode. They don’t appear.


Ah. Sorry. Creative Mode here simply means your topic is creative. So all base building, videos etc…means you are playing NMS in a creative way. Sorry for the confusion. :sweat_smile:
So we have creative topics, bugs and issues, and all others like updates, wishlists, data mining fall under just the NMS topic. Since you are featuring a base, that would be creative. If you want others to visit your base, then state that it is in normal mode.
In short, Creative Mode simply means being creative. Now that this confusion has been pointed out, we would change it but, that is under HG’s control, not ours.


That makes sense!

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