Creative Mode Settlements

So I’ve started my first settlement in creative mode (PS4)…

It was very quick to get through building the starport (so far, so good)… but now what?
It has been several (real time) hours and there have been no notifications to build more buildings, or to do anything.

“You can talk to your citizens or go explore the universe. You will be notified by the settlement overseer console.” When?
“To decrease debt, build more buildings.” I can’t, so I’m just losing money.

No way to abandon a settlement or to quit your overseer job? EDIT: I guess just creating a new settlement is the answer?

Also, you can’t build a transporter to get back to your settlement easily?
There isn’t even any indication in the transporter list of what system a settlement might be in, so if you’re in a different system (or galaxy), it’s guesswork? EDIT: Creating a base nearby seems to work for this.

I would have guessed that settlements would have similar mechanics to base building. =/

EDIT: Just found the Settlement Overseer thread, a couple of answers there - but I don’t know if there are any oddities particular to creative mode settlements.


You can teleport from a space station teleporter directly without building a teleporter. Don’t think you can port back, though.

Usually it’s nagging you every couple of hours… maybe they took that out in creative mode because it would be too annoying anyways? There was also a bug that prevented them from happening that should be patched since yesterday, so maybe they will happen now.

It looks like debt is broken at the moment.


What are you playing on? PC 3xp just got an update for all of this so it should be coming to all soon. Timers fixed and you can teleport to your settlement.


One difference you will find in Creative mode is the fact you will never get to fight the Sentinels


PS4. I’ll keep an eye out for a patch.

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That’s a little surprising… there are still sentinels for other missions in creative.


Oh yes, they are not always completely missing, but that is pretty much it, they then follow you around doing nothing.


The same for dangerous animals.

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Yeah, I usually blast them anyway for the missions :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: … although after Frontiers, I did have a weird sentinel bug during a mission at a manufacturing facility that I hadn’t seen before.
I blasted the door open and 2 sentinels went into alert mode. I destroyed them, but they still showed up on the HUD except they were invisible, and the danger music never stopped.

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