Missing Sentinels

I am a 135 hours in on a creative mode game and have yet to locate any planet that has sentinels. All of the hundreds of planets I have visited are none, absent, missing, not present. Can someone point me in the direction of some sentinels worlds or tips to locate them? Thanks!


Welcome to the forum @hamix1. I moved you to a current thread for Beyond.
This is not too strange of an issue. Many planets now have low sentinel interaction. I suggest finding planets in the red, blue and green systems. Paradise-like planets almost always have high sentinel activity.
I can also direct you to my former home world…lots of sentinels there. :grin:
Oh wait, you are in Creative? That may be an issue. I do not use Creative for game play. Nothing can harm you in creative.

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In Creative Mode, you will not be able to trigger Sentinel Spawns through mining resources or killing wildlife. Sentinels you do come across, can be killed, but it will not increase wanted level or make them hostile towards you, nor will they call in new ones.

I think the only way to come across them is by finding locations where they ‘normally’ spawn. Think of Manufacturing Facilities, Operations Centres, or Resource Depots (which may even spawn a walker?).


Thanks for the replies. I ended up here after seeing a post of creative mode sentinel surfing… looks like fun.

Is creative mode also the reason I have never seen a low level mercenary mission? I only see mercenary missions that require higher standing.


For as far as I know, mercenary missions will autocomplete in Creative Mode. Not quite sure about only seeing higher level missions, but could be part of a solution for the trouble you would otherwise have doing these in creative. Maybe the game already ranked you up for the mercenary guild, to allow story mode completion.

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I mostly use Creative mode now since my focus is exploration and xenophotography.

The only time I have seen a walker sentinel was when it was just “sitting there” meat a building. Some building have the “dog” (quadruped) sentinels. Supply Depot’s and some buildings had sentinel drones.

You will never see a ground-based horror. As DevillinPixy mentioned, your actions in Creative don’t cause sentinel appearance.

I’d like to see a slider or sentinel hazard range option added to the game, at least in Creative. Then you could see and “relate to” :laughing: sentinels. It would also let some people gain skill in destroying sentinels.

Suggest a game enhancement at Hello Games’ Zendesk.