NPC quest = instant Sentinel attack

You know those lonely npcs that mind the shops that have only one landing pad, often way out in the wilderness? They ask you for help but don’t say what they want? Usually it is Scan four minerals for me, or feed five creatures. Nice pleasant work.
Yeah, those guys.

This one was a doozy! I felt a bit sorry for him, and maybe I didn’t understand him all that well, as I’m still learning the lingo. But I accepted his request and expected the Log to translate what he wanted from me.

I hit accept. It was then that all hell broke loose! My helmet lit up like a Christmas tree. Aggro stars to the max. Four Sentinels with search beams spawned in just outside the building --two on one side and two on the other, weaving back and forth, gunning for me:

Knowing it had to have something to do with the quest I’d been given, I quickly opened my log. This is what I saw there:

And I hadn’t even done anything yet.
–Except unwittingly agreed to take out five containers at a nearby weapons depot. :worried:

They didn’t seem to be able to get inside after me, so I waited it out until they finally gave up. Even then they didn’t all leave. Two of them stayed and kept scanning the building for 15 minutes more, even after they’d called off the hunt.

I don’t remember those quests being like that before BEYOND. So I’m assuming it was a bug.

Gave me quite a scare. I was so shocked that I forgot to take all the photo evidence I could have.

I decided that since I’d already been accused and (somewhat) punished for a crime I hadn’t (yet) committed, I would go ahead and do the quest. Used my ship. Piece-o-cake! :wink:

So. Bug? Or new feature?


Prior to BEYOND, if you were given a quest to destroy a depot, you had to do it on foot, using your multitool. If you used your ship, the quest would bug out, and could never be completed. The only solution in some cases was to go back to an earlier save (if you could).

So it’s nice to hear that this may have changed in BEYOND.


Indeed! I remembered that, too. But hope flies eternal. I figured it was worth a try. The resources from the hits went directly into the ship too. Good stuff. I didn’t expect that.


For a long time, I have regularly looted resource depots using ship weapons. It’s quick, profitable, and totally risk-free. The sentinels didn’t even know you were there. But it could only be done on randomly found depots - not the ones involved in quests.

It’s also good fun to use your ship’s guns to shoot open the armoured doors on manufacturing facilities. It requires a steady hand, and good aim. It’s good combat practice.


I should do more of that. Good tip, thanks! :heart:


Ive noticed since Beyond, the supply depots i encounter have at least one, if not 2 sentinals “guarding” these depots. Not on alert if your not on mission to raid them, but they are there at the depots, on patrol. And the raid depot missions Ive done, there are a minimum of two sentinals already on 3 star alert when you arrive. It was not like that before.


Ah. Thanks! I avoided those kinds of quests up until now and that may be why.

I’m just really glad that in this instance I took that Gek’s uninformative mission while talking to them inside the building. Because I often talk to them while they are moving around outside.

It would have been: Accept-Unknown-Mission/BLAM!/Insta-Black-Screen-O-Death! :scream_cat:


Im so much stronger than those little sentinals, I turn my back to them while they are shooting at me to scan that “red dot animal” or scan one more tree or rock. Then slowly I turn, shake my head back and forth in disappointment, mumble something about silly wabbits and poof, they just disappear. Only a barrel marking that last foolish move.




I’ve just come to the realisation I have yet to come across a single resource depot since I started my new game… I know what I’m doing later :slight_smile:


I was in a manufacturing facility and experience the same. Died.

Tis a secret on which quest activates the sentinels.

But seems that is how you get noticed by them and they do the seek and kill mission on your azz!


My biggest problem with this particular quest was that I didn’t even get to go to the depot.

The very second I accepted the quest, still in the outpost building talking to the npc quest-giver, no where near the depot, the Sentinels spawned outside and tried to get in at me.

Never had that happen before.


did ya try to reason with them? lol


Since yesterday’s experimental update, I noticed even more aggressive sentinel activity. If they are aggressive, the moment they become suspicious, an alert pops up on screen and they immediately start looking for me. The second they see me they call for help. It is quite scary. :scream:


Send some my way.

I keep taking Sentinel elimination work from Space Stations, go to planets that are marked as having agressive Sentinels, and can’t find any.


Sentinels have gotten quite scary with the new updates.


Yep. They are coming inside (or through the walls) and shoot at you once you break into a mfg centre.

I guess they fixed that bug where they couldn’t shoot back pretty quick.

I also noticed at the flying sentinels now have a shield you have to break though before they take hits.


Mais oui!

I said,

"Gentle-nels! How may I help you?

No no. I have seen no-one suspicious.

Can I offer you some rare pugneum? No? All ful lup are you?

Oh! You have to go so soon? Well, I hope you catch your felon soon. Bye-bye"


Thery were introduced with NEXT, the second wave of sentinels will be advanced sentinels with shields. You can actually shoot through the armour by hitting them side or back or right in the eyeball. Eyeball is weakness of advanced sentinels so does double damage too. Oh, they can also Heal quads. Watxh out for that, it terrified the crap out of me when I first seen it happen.

The first wave of sentinels without the armors weak point is actually the little light that hangs below them, and not their eyeball like it used to be :wink:

Sentinels are a lot more fun now. You can find planets completely devoid of them now, and then planets with varying degrees of sentinel activity.

I forget the naming schemes but there’s planets with mild sentinel activity which are like classic no mans sky worlds with regular sentinels (investigate a mined area, then investigate the suspect, attack of caught doing bold stuff while scanning you) then there are kinda medium worlds where they will come to you straight away if you mined something and attack and of course the extreme sentinel planets we all know and fear, where they will attack you on site.

I love the little symbol in bottom corner that let’s you know a sentinel is scanning stuff nearby :slight_smile:

They’ve also reworked a lot of the story dialogue and the new behaviours fit with the sentinel lore we’ve always had (but has been reworded to be a lot more clear as to what their true purpose is or was)


Since I so far haven’t found anyone selling upgrade enhancement modules for the scatter-blaster, I’ve been using my mining beam (which is maxed out).

I knew about the parts needed to take down a walker, but didn’t realise the flyers had weak spots --and also didn’t see the second wave armoured flyers before this.

I had heard that the flyers would heal the quad-dogs, so now I try to get rid of the flyers first off.

I appreciate the specific info on their weak spots. That will help a whole lot.

I am also grateful for being able to pick up and install three S-class exosuit shields. I can take a certain amount of hits from the quads while taking down the flyers.

With your advice it should be a little easier now. Thank you! :heart: