NPC Ships can kill players on planets now! Is this a fluke or a new feature?

While livestreaming with my friend, a passing NPC ship shot and killed him! The video proof is below. Has anyone else witnessed this and do you think it’s a new feature in the game? And what could have caused it?


Wow @MacForADay! That’s like the most freak accident in a game ever… (At least I hope it was an accident)
Go to Network in Options and set Can Damage Players to No One


I swear I had nothing to do with this. And even if I did how was I to know that guy at the spacebar was really a bounty hunter? I thought he was just pulling my leg. I thought we were joking! Oh no… Oh dear… He’s going to want his money now isn’t he? Oh crap… I don’t have the spacebucks for this. You gotta hide me, mac, at least for a day!

Never seen this happen… By any chance was friendly fire turned on and at any point did you friend accidently hurt you or zap you? Because what if the friendly ai behaved as if it were an instance where you were being attacked by an enemy ship and came to help?

Thats the only theory I’ve got on this if its a bug/


This made me LOL! :grinning:

Yeah I find that pretty shocking, Mac. Glad my Friendly Fire is turned off. >.>


I am going to bet it is not a bug and is tied to the in-game settings. Everyone better check them, quick.


It is an extremely rare glitch, but it has happened before. I remember at least one report describing the same thing even before NEXT, but good luck digging that out again.


What made me wonder was the blue trail the ship had. If I recall correctly, hostile ships would have a red trail behind them. Then again, maybe it was not hostile to you, but only to your friend (obviously). Not even sure if the ship trails have changed with Beyond.

I do know HG fixed a VR issue in the Nexus which players started to exploit. I have also been seeing reports where players are getting killed by ships in the Nexus. Some claim they have their options set to ‘No One’ for player dame, yet still getting blasted.

Not sure what happened, especially from your point of view. Curious to know what your friend saw and what his settings were.


Interesting, although if that was an npc would turning damage off do anything? Needs further investigation! :smiley:


I did not mean to imply it was an NPC.


As you could see in the video, there was just the two of us in the lobby, so unless “ambient” multiplayer lets another player be there without us realizing it, I’m pretty sure it was an NPC. We did not see any other sign of a player.


Yes. Ambient players can slip in on you however, you should still see their icon if your HUD is on.
I had an ambient player in my system and did not know he was there until he scanned some flora. I got a notification that he had done so.
I don’t know if that is a new feature but, unless I saw his icon (which are very tiny at long distance) or he scanned or mined or something like that, I would have never known he was there.
You can communicate with ambient players through type chatting. I don’t know if a headset with mic would work.


I have had sentinel ships follow me down to a planet and continue a fight. But that may be more to the aggro meter being too high. I got out and was continally attacked. They just never gave up and kept on and on until I turned the game off lol

I have always ended up being chased on an extreme planet. Maybe the ship was taking part in a capital ship battle above, that was maybe bugged too close to a planet?


Jacob said he wasnt doing any ship combat before landing. All he can think of was that he shot at some birds from the ground, so maybe he accidentally hit the ship?


That is also possible. I don’t know. It was an amzing capture on video :slight_smile:


I have seen strange things in space that are similar. Firing at some asteroids, I seemed to have sparked a battle with a message stating that Sentinel ships were approaching. However, no Sentinel ship showed up.
Perhaps there is something that is changed but not completed somehow? A bug? An unfinished addition to the game?


You should still see them in the lobby, though? I mean, if they’re not in there, they’d be in another shard, unless I completely misunderstand how the concept of a lobby is applied here.

Also, if I interpret those multiplayer options right, you appear to be able to turn your icon off now.


It really did not act like a player though. A player would have circled around and kept shooting to make sure they killed him. This ship shot and killed him as it passed by at high speeds. I think by its behavior, we can infer that this was AI controled


Here are the details of the recent ambient encounter in my system
20190824112244_1 20190824112251_1

Not is my current group, but in the player’s list when I clicked on View Nearby Players List


Yeah, that’s what I would expect.


I watched the video in slow motion and read the comments.

What we know…

  • Explorer starship
  • 2 players in lobby
  • 9 perfect shots
  • Not a single missfire
  • Smooth flight
  • High speeds
  • green tail, green shots (good guy) - from your perspective

Sounds like an NPC!

What we don’t know…

Why would an NPC attack?

I agree…

:bird: Maybe amidst the birds, camouflaged in the semi-distant background, there was a plane? :small_airplane:

  • 1 stray shot