Planetside NPC Quests Have Glitched Dialogue

You can now sometimes get quests from NPCs on planets, similar to the guild quests, just not for guilds. I think this is a cool feature, but for me, the dialogue is glitched. Instead of actually explaining the quest, you just get a data string that is likely the file name for the dialogue or something like that. Here is a screenshot of the dialogue when you complete the mission, but it is similar when you start it.

Playing on a new v1.5 save on PC, Steam


Been getting that too. I think NEXT was rushed.

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This problem in particular is not very complex, probably someone just made some syntax mistake and forgot a semicolon or something along those lines. They could probably fix it in 5 minutes.

Most problems seem to be with existing saves, or maybe I’m just lucky. 15 hours into a new save and this is the only bug I’ve had, besides 2 crashes.

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I ran into the same issue. However, I have another bug associated with that mission: the material asked for the delivery mission was not the same material asked for when I delivered it.


In a similar fashion, I had a quest that asked me to kill 3 predatory creatures. I accepted, but the quest actually seemed to want me to kill 13 creatures of any kind.


I’ve had that same glitch on a new Normal save (PC). I assumed a small programming typo error. The “_res” probably means “resolved”

Mal got the other mission problem of not being able to deliver the stack of coprite he was asked to get because the receiving npc wanted a stack of a completely different mineral.

It is showing the internal name for the dialogue/text it tries to find, but fails or is empty. So either the internal name is wrong or they have yet to add the dialogue/text.