QS Mission weirdness

I long ago stopped doing the quicksilver missions due to their length and level of exasperation (for me). But with the recent options changes I decided to go ahead and try a few.

The first one I tried took about an hour and a half, an hour of which, because there was no nearby landing site, I scaled, and fell the length of, impossibly vertical peaks, and bored into said impossibly vertical peaks to hide from constant scathing storms just so I could get to the ? spot that actually starts the mission.

After that another twenty minutes of the same, checking constantly with thee scanner, I finally got to the Traveller’s Grave where the main quest started (destroy eleven aggressive plants). The completion of the actual mission took me less than five minutes in spite of the steep slopes and the storms.

The next qs mission was easy by comparison and I was quite enjoying it.(procure twelve or thirteen Ancient Bones). I had nine and the scanner picked up a mad burial site with at least six graves.

Unfortunately they were located inside the pure bedrock of a huge volcano that I crawled over, around, and even tried to burrow under to get at my prizes, to no avail. I was actually relieved when suddenly the game froze, and though I left it for awhile hoping it would recover, I eventually had to restart the game, finding myself once again at the Anomaly, having lost the mission.

The third qs mission was a breeze and the whole completed in less than ten minutes (procure xxx amount of some element).

The fourth qs mission I took from the Nexus was to procure about 800+ Cadmium. I took the mission, headed immediately for my ship, but before I was five paces away I got this message:

WTF!? Still haven’t fixed that Nexus cadmium mission bug? LOL!

I tried a couple more times but it kept aborting. So I gave up and logged out for the day. I am thankful I had at least one good experience with those missions. (sigh) And I even somewhat enjoyed the others --mostly because I wasn’t in a hurry for a change and therefore getting frustrated because I had limited playtime.

One of the funniest things was that the first planet I’d got sent to was called “4.0 Killed NMS!”. A contradiction, since the perpetrator seemed to manage to play it long enough to name a planet. lol

I hope you all found those adventures of mine amusing, as in retrospect, do I. :joy: :heart:


And here I was frustrated that geodes we’re not stacking properly. I’m appropriately chagrined. :wink:


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Thank you! I was going to ask and then I forgot. :heart:

So my next four Nexus qs missions went like this:

  1. Feed 41 creatures with food pellets: Game takes me to a planet that has only one “creature” a yellow glitching thing that you cannot feed. Find another nearby planet that does have feedable creatures. They are ll giants that move faster than my jetpack can catch up with. Unlike the docile milkers who gather round when someone gets fed. These totally ignore me and with huge strides have me jump-jetpacking after them yelling “Hey ! Wait up!” If it hadn’t been so ridiculously funny I would have been a lot more frustrated. :joy:

  2. Build an outpost: Took me to a beautiful planet wit lovely weather, occasional light rains that did not damage. I landed on a grassy hilltop and jumped out of my ship to see a planetary portal at the bottom of the gentle slope, and blue wetlands beyond. Nice! Built the mission outpost and decided it was a keeper. :+1:

  3. Planetary Survey mission. One of my favourites. The planet was rolling hills and heated storms, but not overly treacherous. Finished the mission and handed in for my qs, and decided I had time for one more mission. :+1:

  4. It was the same type as the last, and I enjoy those, so I took it. Unfortunately it took me to the same planet again, and I had already scanned everything there. :-1:

I made a quick trip back to the Nexus via a save and a reload that got rid of that quest from my Log. But I was too tired to continue with another qs mission, though I think I still have one more to do.

Do my fellow travellers have any fun stories like these to add to this thread? I can’t be the only one… Can I? :roll_eyes: :blush: