No qs missions and almost no items in qs companion menu

i started playing nms about 2 weeks ago and still have no qs missions available in the nexus list and the quicksilver companion has only 1 gesture 1 helmet 3 decals and some statues available there is no egg no jet pack trails nothing any help would be great im on the windows 10 version which was free with the xbox game pass but if i load my save file on my console everything is fine and works i prefer to play on the windows 10 version because nms is laggy on the xbox


I’ve heard others who are new to the game say they experienced the same thing. My only guess is that some of the main storyline is required to unlock some of these things. I suggest doing some of the Artemis/Atlas Rises/Whatever the current mission you are on is called. Maybe it will unlock them, because the common link I’m seeing in all these cases is that they are new and haven’t played the game much, which may be the cause.


This is an issue with connecting to the right server for the QS shop to show all available items. There are basically 2 servers to connect to, which handle Discovery Services as well as Multiplayer and QS related things. It appears you are at least failing to connect to one of them which should update the QS Shop and make the QS Missions available to you. Not sure if you have issues with MP, considering you have not mentioned it.

You are however not alone with this issue. Hello Games are still working hard to sort out some remaining networking issues since the Crossplay release. Hopefully a future update will fix the issue you are experiencing as well.

That being said, from what I understood, your Xbox and GP saves are shared on the cloud? If that is indeed the case, can you not use your save on Xbox to get access to at least the QS items and QS MIssions, to then switch back to the GP version and continue there? Of course you’d still be partly playing on the platform you prefer not to use, but I guess for now that would be the only option.


thankyou for replying i decided earlier today after thinking about it that until a fix comes through i will just log on, on my console and do the qs daily mission and buy items from the companion that way then switch back and enjoy the rest of the game with more frames on my pc


Welcome to the forum @steve. Hopefully HG gets the issue resolved soon.