QS Missions

Just a look at the new QS Missions.
Simple and easy first mission. Visit the Nexus and take on the QS mission. Today, it involved destroying 10 dangerous flora.
I was joined by spoonman-007. When we left the Nexus, I performed a scan from space and was directed to a planet. Once there, we found a grave marker and a sad tale.

Turning on our flashlights was not much help.
After being clapped in the dark by a couple of Clappies hiding in the darkness, we finally completed our mission.
Made a visit to the local Space Station where I lamented that I could not afford this nice multi-tool.

Spoonman-007 kindly offered to share units from his profitable mining operation but, I just couldn’t take such an offer from a perfect stranger.
I failed to count my QS before the mission, but I believe we netted 300 QS each from this mission.
Thanks for the help spoonman-007


Wow! That’s quite the multitool, which should be available to anyone that checks the space station.


I have passively accumulated over 30 million through frigate missions while base building… Let’s hope they don’t run out of stock.


More good news. If, like me, you fall asleep at the wheel and forget to do the QS mission of the day, do not fear, the Nexus saves your mission for you to do later.

As soon as I landed in the Nexus, I was notified that I had 2 QS missions waiting for me. :grinning:


Wait, there’ll be one of these each day? How am I supposed to get any of my own exploring done like that?

Also, right now they’re all still in experimental, right? I would hate to find a weeks backlog when coming to the anomaly next time.


Still experimental.
The best part is that the missions warp you to another system. You can visit the Space Station and explore the planets if you choose to. Just don’t forget to return to the Nexus and hand in your mission.


Went off on a QS mission today that I had completed at least twice before and at the same location.

This is how I found it. End result of yesterday.

Lob grenades with little effect (except for the terrain), flew out to space, came back and continued to lob grenades with little effect until I died.

After I reassembled, again left and came back. Finally found two undestroyed containers.

Fixed that.

Not a lot of difference, except for depth, between the first and last pictures.


A small warning:

I’m discovering that if you have any regular npc quests in you log, it might be a good idea to get them out of the way before taking nexus quests.

More than twice now I have been doing a Nexus quest and it triggered the completion of an NPC quest and shifted the focus to that quest without me realising it.
An example:

I had a Destroy Depot quest from the Nexus and flew down to the planet and destroyed all the depots and managed to evade the pursuing Sentinel hordes (hoards?). And then I noticed that the quest had shifted to a similar NPC quest when I got close and pushed the Nexus quest aside.

Nexus quest kept telling me to destroy those depots, what was I waiting for?! But they were already destroyed. I left the planet and returned and they were still destroyed. Logging would auto abandon the Nexus mission. Had to abandon and decided to wait awhile before retaking it.

–just one example of many.


QS missions no longer stack. If you miss a day, you miss out. :sob:


That’s on 3xperimental? I hope its a bug. If not that’s pretty bitchy petty!

For casual players it is so much more helpful for them to stack a little. 5 was just fine.


For me, on console at least, this never worked as intended, I had to actually log in to my saves each day in order for it to save and stack a mission from that day. Bit of a nuisance but I hope this workaround helps until its behaving itself again.


As unfortunate as it is, I have started to see players figure out low-key methods of griefing at the Anomaly.

The most annoying has been the player grabbing the quicksilver mission and doing nothing. This effectively keeps players from playing that mission since it waits on the initiator to start the mission and holds up new quicksilver missions from populating. The only fix I have found is leaving the Anomaly for another lobby when you return.

Another that I have experienced which is more of an annoyance is the inventory loading. Once in awhile, you see someone truly being generous and giving million-unit items or salvage techs near to the vendors. Most of the time however, I see players sending 10 counts of relatively worthless items in multitudes into other players inventories. I usually combat this by sending them right back, but this can keep you from gaining your mission rewards, especially since this usually takes place near the Nexus.

I just wanted to spread some awareness about these tactics.


Thank you! :heart:

I don’t understand why we can’t be given a window that will open showing what is being given, and a refuse/accept mechanic. Would be nice if someone could make a mod for this while we wait for HG to sort it out.

A good example is the trade window in ESO.


The item giving was a way for them to get more than 1 QS mission. I believe HG has put a stop to that with the latest patch. Maybe some have not figured it out yet.
As for the QS mission being hung-up, another, easier way around it, go into your Network settings and set Multiplayer to Disabled. POOF! everyone else in the Anomaly disappears and the Nexus is all yours!
Hope that helps. :grin:


I thought of that too. But the more pictured the scenario, I realised that if you were wanting to play with your own group rather than solo, then you would be stuck.

Question: Can you take a Nexus/QS quest solo (MP off)and then turn MP on again, hook up with your group and do those quests together? (is that clear?)


That is a good solution.

However, I usually multiplayer with KnightAlese to complete missions…which leads to a hard decision if I can’t find a lobby without a squatter.


I was wondering the same. I believe you likely can.
Test it by disabling MP, snag a mission, then turn MP back on and see if others can join. HOWEVER, I have started missions and had others join and they still did not press ready even after I waited an eternity for them. I flew off without them and was still able to complete the mission however, I have not tested this since the last couple of updates.


Hmm… There’s another thing that needs testing then: If you complete the mission without them, do they still get the rewards?

I might test this out with Mal – if no one else reports back first.


From doing a lot of MP with KnightAlese, I have seen that at the very least they need to land on the planets if not interact with a grave or console to initiate the core of the mission.


Following some discussion in the 3xperimental thread, I can confirm that following the latest updates, the QS missions do still stack.