NMS Tracking

To all of ya, Can ya take pictures of your flights in galactic map?


@zsigmond: I have added the ‘NMS Beyond’ category to the topic.


TY, appreciate the help

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Ohhhh :man_facepalming:
I had an epic area of double circles back in The Time of NEXT, where I’d been diligently exploring an entire region.
Sadly, it began to get so complex all my visited systems stopped showing resulting in messy doubling up.

I’ve since moved on across the Alpha Quadrant in search of Storm Crystals, Multiplayer Colonies and of course the never ending quest for the perfect Vykeen Pizzeria.
Alas, I can no longer share my pics of that locale.

I do have a region where my friends & I were exploring a cluster, which I shall return to for a pic but it must wait for now, (as it involves the tedious PS4>USB>PC>upload shuffle).

I’ll be back :sunglasses:

Nice idea for a topic Ziggy :+1:


Unfortunately, scouring a region is the best way to find the best new multitools and ships.

However, I think this had bugged my game with the Beyond update. There was so much loading in that my galaxy map was going in slow motion where I had to wait several minutes for each button hit. This effect has lessened with each max jump away from one of those regions (the first few jumps took 10-15 minutes just to hightlight the system and active the warp.)


no jumping needed, go to galaxy map to free explore, move around till ya get a good picture of your tracks!


Old base. Very few lines left.

New base. Haven’t done much exploring.


Not sure if you can see all the lines. To me it looks like someone dropped a box of uncooked spaghetti. :grin:

There are other pockets of masses of lines where I have jumped a huge distance and spent some time exploring in that part of space. didn’t capture those though.


looks great