Welcome to the Nexus

There have been a number of questions about where to find things like building blueprints etc…
Please do not think you can avoid the Nexus. Whether you play online or offline, visiting the Nexus is a must.
There are 12 new NPC’s that you need to become familiar with. Search every level and go through every door.
The QS bot is also here.
So let’s meet our new fellow Travellers. I will let you figure our their specialties. (some are currently unknown)








Gemini and Hesperus




and of course Nada

and Polo

Hope I got that correct, :sweat_smile: Take note that one kiosk is unmanned but working.
Now, go to the Nexus without delay! Just make sure you save before you go. And should you get stuck twirling high above the laughing crowds, just restart. I know, it’s a pain and it may require restarting in offline mode to get you unstuck, but, it is worth it.
Happy travels!


If you have multi-player turned off - lots of parking spaces but valet service is lacking.

And you can accept missions. I accepted one and had to go to multiple sites on the same planet (was within my solar system). Came back and got my pay.


The Nexus is now super important to getting new tech as all of the blueprints have be moved from the blueprint machine in your base to here and split among the npcs. They have been placed in tech trees that you can unlock as you please using tech mods and nanites. It’s also the only place to get multiplayer missions.


Like this one.


As a heads up: currently on patch 2.06c some people who use the Nexus teleporter to travel to their base, lose ownership of that base.
I have been told the current experimental fixes this, I can not verify that myself. Visiting other peoples bases from the Nexus does not seem to be an issue.


PC exp. I have traveled to mine a couple of times with no problem but, that is probably not enough to know for sure.
Also note, when trying to take pics, the camera gets pushed around when ppl run by…I hate crowds. :grin:


I was wondering why that happened with the base ownership thing. I also lost a whole base as well which was next to another of my friends bases after using the nexus teleport system. Had to reload an old save whew :slight_smile:

PS on a possibly related topic I lost my freighter as well somehow during the same time period after fooling around with both multiplayer and the nexus. Make sure you back up your saves people and also backup every time before you go to the Nexus or go online :slight_smile:


Every ship I scanned in the nexus, no matter what type was S Class 48+8


You must be in the affluent part of the universe. :money_mouth_face: That was not so for me


I was looking around the nexus to see if there was a base teleporter, must not have looked hard enough. Or maybe it’s early days in my new playthrough.

Or is it the large address portal where mercury hangs out? I didn’t check because I have no glyphs yet :thinking: I only stumbled upon artemis’s er, future holiday home, aboard the nexus after my third time there so maybe I am just blind :joy:


It is the really, really, really BIG teleporter where Mercury stands. I don’t believe portal glyphs are required. But many dangers come with stepping through …


Ah thanks, the conversation with Mercury kinda put me off going near the thing to be honest, made portals sound highly dangerous, addictive and with a heavy price of ones very being.

He does have the look of a portal junkie about him haha, pretty sure I met a few with the same face as him down a dark dublin alley on a walk home :roll_eyes: the hollow face, wide eyes and dishonest smile. Oh and the neck tattoos. :smirk:

My first google image search for “skinhead junkie” brought up his doppelganger


(of course this is just a racist skinhead, he doesn’t have that heroin look mercury is rockin, but close enough)

I worked pharmacy for years and dealt with a lot of people on methadone programs, some were great and not all made it, the ones who did I think about them time to time and hope they’re doing well and staying clean. But there were the rare few, the nasty few that only played nice as long as you were the gatekeeper but as soon as they got what they’d come for you may as well have been a spec of dust to them. Mercury reminded me of one of those and when he mentioned about feeling the portals pull your essence away or something like that I thought, ah, portal junkie. Sorry thought I should explain why I call him a portal junkie.

I should also stress I do not like the term junkie, it gets thrown around far too much at people who don’t deserve it and pushes them further inward and less likely to seek help. But there was a tiny few, less than one percent that fit that word appropriately no matter how hard you tried to help. I won’t go into any details because the stories are way too dark for this happy respite for travellers :slight_smile:

So, er, the nexus. Welcome to the nexus :flushed::grinning:


Well, all I can say to that is, I have been through this Portal and yes, it could become very addictive. :smile:
It is worth looking at even if you do not go through. It will show pics of all your bases as well as the bases of other players. It gives some basic info like the name etc…You can click on them and get further info safely, without having to commit to actually portalling to them. It will be very, very nice once it is working correctly.


Oh wow, I didn’t think the community base highlights were a thing yet, I thought maybe they were waiting til the madness and major bugs were out of the way and then launch into it with a new season of community events.

You know what they say about assuming… Something about making donkeys or something.

Can’t wait to check it out when I get in, sadly cannot use the base photo feature in VR yet (o name discoveries and bases with the move controls) so hopefully thats remedied soon so I can have some fun being a show off :smiley:


It might be connected to portal travel like the stations but it definitely was dangerous to use it when I went through :slight_smile: I have good news though so far after turning off having visitors to my save from beyond and not using the portal in the Nexus I haven’t had any more problems.

Now my problem is the Landing pads and how to properly connect them up to buildings and properly re powering up all my bases teleports in Normal ehhehehe :slight_smile:


What have we said about making sure the fueling lines are put back properly?! Do you want ants? Cause this is how you get ants!