Quick silver not in Creative How to get it?

I know now I can not buy trees or grass in creative as the seller in the anomaly I haven’t got any QS
I need to go on a mission
Is that correct ?
I don’t like playing NMS like that
I just wish to explore and build
So Is Quick Silver NOT available to Creative players?

IF so feel sad
Any thoughts


Yeah. This is one of the issues I have with creative mode. It does not give you access to everything. Though I can understand why when it comes to QS and Expedition rewards.
Just grab a mission of your liking. The missions do sometimes take you to interesting systems. The missions rotate and weekend missions net you 1400 QS.


Thank you
I will
Fingers crossed I can complete a mission…I am not really a game player NMS and Journey and The Goose Game are the only ones I have played so far x
Thanks for the quick reply x

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Sometimes the missions are to feed creatures, or to build a small outpost on a planet, or to scan a certain amount of creatures and plants, so they aren’t all leaning towards an aggressive or challenging playstyle.

The weekend qs quests that net you 1400 qs also send everyone to the same system just in case you find yourself on a planet full of bases and not sure why.

Normal QS missions will send you to the system you came from if applicable, or a system in your region that has the appropriate pre-requisites for the mission.

You get one quicksilver mission a day, with the game storing up to 3 quicksilver missions (in case yuou dont want to do one every day, you can do three every few days and wait for the log to build up again)

The regular missions at the nexus, you can do as many of those as you want but they will not reward you with quicksilver.

The missions also rotate so if the quicksilver mission is not one to your liking (i generally avoid the kill biological monstrosities one) you can wait 30 mins or so and the quicksilver mission will have changed to a new one when you return. I believe the weekend QS mission is also locked to its mission type and doesn’t change like normal QS missions.


Wow… I really must do some research about NMS…. So much to learn
This is so helpful and I will have a go now
Thank you so much for such a full reply xxx

My next worry is that I find getting to snap build parts like roofs to click into place Very difficult
That is what I am struggling with now !!!


If you want an easier time with the monstrosities, you can equip one of your multi-tools with a neutron canon. After upgrading to increase the particle count you can shoot the ground between the monstrosities as they emerge and eliminate all in a group at once. They never get to a point where they become dangerous to you. I have upgraded mine over time with S class (usually better than X for this weapon) so I can stand still and rack up a count of 60-80 monstrosities in a single wave. Stand atop the building for more safety. Note that this is not good if you want the eggs, it sets off all of them at once and you usually can not pick them up before they disappear.

The other place where I use this weapon is for the small spiders on dissident planets. Those little guys never stand still so a scatter weapon is easier, and the neutron canon shoots further than the shotgun.