Inexplicable rollback (Steam)

Ok. 300hr+ new Beyond, PC, Steam, Normal, Non-VR, non-3xperimental.

Manual saved at my base. Waited to make sure I got the save confirmation. Logged out for the night. It was after midnight. I had just completed a tedious solo Nexus mission on the most unpleasant planet I have yet to come across.

It involved killing hazardous plants, which were few and far between, on a highly hazardous mostly water/bogs planet. That meant a lot of ship hopping, getting out and scanning and maybe killing a couple plants and flying to another land mass, etc.

I was jumping in and out of my ship a lot. I even put a Save Beacon down on a Trading Platform and saved manually more than once. It was too late to take the time to hand-in the completed quest, so I decided to wait until the next day (today).

This afternoon, I logged back in and found myself in the Nexus, not in my base where I logged out. And with no quest to hand in there.

I checked my last save times in Options, and they looked correct. I thought ok, just a glitch. And I relogged into my last manual save, which was what I had expected to log into before, but it logged me back into the same spot next to my ship in the Anomaly.

So I tried the auto-save which was just before midnight. Put me in the same spot in the Anomaly.

It was as if starting the quest for the Nexus had put me into some kind of instance for a couple of hours that disappeared when I logged out after completing but not handing in, and essentially put me back to where I was before I took that quest. --without changing the times of my last game-saves.

My brain is reeling!

The weird part is that I have been having Windoze back up the HelloGames folder in %AppData% every morning. So I quit without saving, put steam into offline mode, and restored from that and I still logged back into the same spot with the same saves listed.

So, was it a Steam glitch? A HG rollback? Or a Nexus peculiarity? something happened. I just cannot fathom what it was. (and that bugs me!)

(also, I will never do that quest again, unless it sends me to a more pleasant planet next time!) :cry:


Did the QS mission take you to your home system?
Does the Nexus still keep your missions if you miss a day?


I was on a Nexus mission. Got to the planet and wiped out some noxious weeds. Got in my spaceship and hopped back out. Reloaded that save and found myself back at the Nexus with no mission assigned. So I had to grab a new mission and do that one. I’d say that Nexus missions don’t become part of the save file and so aren’t there upon any type of reload.


Had this today as well, same type of mission. I think you have to complete nexus missions in one hit, including handing in. But I haven’t had that mission again so cannot say for sure.

I know I’ve missed a few missions whereby something would interrupt me (crash/testing) and I’d end up at the nexus again with the mission gone.


The only definite contribution I can make to this subject is the observation that in the encrypted “hunt pirates” Nexus mission (I’ve done it twice now), you have to destroy all the pirates, in all incoming waves, in one go.

If you enter a space station, planetary atmosphere, or other place of safety, your progress up to that point gets cancelled, and the quest starts from the beginning again.


So, in other words, complete your entire mission and hand it in before quitting.
Good to know.


I wasn’t doing a quicksilver mission, just an ordinary Nexus mission. I have yet to receive the option to do a qs quest.

I find the inability to save progress in these mission way too punitive. I may not bother doing any more --unless I have a whole day to do one in and only if it is a QS mission.

I feel really disappointed. :cry:

I just spoke to Mal about this and he speculated that it’s possible that HG haven’t figured out how to save progress for multiplayer vs single player, so they just left it as multiplayer. A group of four or more can execute these missions fairly quickly rather than a single player who can take hours to complete (like me last night).


Yip same happened to me saved and quit play before completing and handing in a nexus mission, and on reload/next gameplay session was back in nexus . So missions do seem to reset.

Agree that the nexus missions and community missions are really just that, designed for group play.


Whilst some missions are probably easier when played in a group, there are several that are not too hard for a single player - and with one exception, you can choose which missions you accept.

The standard Nexus missions always feature a choice of quests, and the list changes over time. The quicksilver quest you get offered also changes every 20 or 30 minutes. If you don’t like the quest you’re offered, wait a little while, and it will change.

The only exception I’m aware of is the secret encrypted mission, which you can be randomly offered. These are harder, but with higher rewards. They don’t hang around on the mission board for long, and when they change, they get replaced by standard missions, not encrypted ones.

So if you want to do an encrypted mission, you can only do the one that’s offered. All others, you get a choice.

Encrypted (Secret) Mission Sequence


There have been 3 occasions I have seen (2 with me directly and 1 with Alese) where the game crashing to blue screen (PS4) had done a similar thing to quicksilver missions in the midst of completion.

In all 3 cases, there was at least an autosave from exiting a starship. Yet with reloading, the mission is gone and the game resumes at the anomaly.


That is a lovely pictorial explanation. Thank you! :heart:

One question: Do those encrypted missions ever give quicksilver?


:nods: It would have been helpful if HG had included a warning that the Nexus quests must be completed directly from start to finish without leaving the game, or all progress will be lost, (or something better worded than that).

Ah, well at least others who read these threads will get a heads-up. :heart:


I don’t think so, I think the encrypted quests and the quicksilver missions are different things. But then I’ve only done two encrypted quests. They both turned out to be tasks to destroy increasing waves of pirates (so three come after you, then four, then five). Probably fun for a group, but fairly tough for a single player.