Existing save (PS4) NEXT base missions?

I installed the technitions in my base just for aesthetics but they suddenly justvstarted talking to me. Until half an hour ago they just said the same ‘leave them be’ speech they have for months…
They haven’t talked to me since Atlas rises.
I’m presuming the missions are from NEXT with the farmer asking for some coprite and gamma root and giving me some expensive goodies, the weapons dude offering me and then congratulating me on my weapon (even though I declined his).
The korvax accepted some planetary data and the construction guy wanted photos…twice.

Now the Anomoly has popped up with its own mission? and I recieved a new tech (forcefield).
Is my game going weird …or this some sort of patch link in to get the blue prints tech?
…or did my game just not kick start like everyone elses?


I did get a Photo Mode mission for a desert picture, from either the Gek overseer, or the Korvax technician, can’t recall. I only just got the armourer, so I am sure it wasn’t the Vy’keen. Have yet to get the last two, vehicle and farming. Only had this one mission, new start, and yet to complete it. I do however think this is supposed to happen.


Mine’s an old save carry over not a new start but for some reason they didn’t start talking.
I rearranged them and suddenly they got very talkative.
I must have done something out of sequence and caused it to lock up until I rearranged them…
Odd…like most of these bugs :grin:


Are you on PC experiental patch? They might be fixing it so we can redo all the missions.

No, PS4.

I’ve decided to do a new restart. I’m tired of issues and I’ve got a big save (2 versions) for some time down the track when things are fixed.

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I discovered this myself while trying to attempt brute forcing the game into giving me frigate fuel or blueprint analyser.

Built all specialists in a land base I made and they all said more or less, feck off TOdd.

So I went up to my freighter and placed all the specialist terminals and this time they gave me the new repeatable quests you guys have discussed.

I believe they’re there so Yr buddies don’t become useless noisey props once you finish their quest lines.

And I’m here to tell you they’re horribly bugged too :see_no_evil:

I had a photo mission for overseer and that plant hybrid mission for the farmer. I handed both in then went to my ship and saved.

The next day I booted up and the missions reappeared and were asking me to hand in.

I assumed, ah maybe I didn’t go back to my ship and save.

However when I went to hand em in they acted as if I still didn’t have what they wanted.

Then I noticed the mission markers to turn them in, we’re floating about thirty seconds warp away in the middle of space.

And you can’t abandon these missions. So they’re just stuck on my mission list now.

Created a zen desk report for it the other day but the more reports the merrier if anyone has hit a similar issue :wink:

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This is essentially what I had to do. My day 1 PS4 save crashes when I exit with the restart acting as if I had not saved it. If I close the application after saving, then I have a wiped reinitialization upon restart.
I can play the save if I restart by joining someones game, but then I am missing several essential techs.

I figured that I could still learn the game update and have extra city building capacity with a new save on a new account while I wait out the fixes.

Thanks for the “change their positions” tip. I will use that if they seem to get stuck. :slight_smile: