PS4 | Normal | Old Save | Glitches

Reported to HG

  1. I came in with full warp upgrades but can only warp 100ly (not sure if this is a glitch or if it is a new limitation to get us to use the freighters) .

  2. Comm stations on my old base appear from space, but only sometimes on foot. I tried to excavate them because they appear to be buried and fell into a cave. Going to see if they pop up again and maybe try again. Build my new base close by.

  3. I started with mostly obsolete tech like everyone else, but still had my boltcaster and the original blueprint. Boltcaster icon on multi-tool has no charge bar and cannot be charged using new ammo or any other materials. Tried dismantling and re-creating and it didn’t work.

  4. I’m having trouble finding a Habitable base using a signal booster to get my old base back.

  5. Nannites won’t go into nannite account.

Anyone else experience these problems?

Both of these. No bases show off the signal booster and nanites end up in my inventory like in 1.3

The warp 100 ly is across the board right? I fear that they threw us a curveball by limiting ship travel.

With regard to frieghter warp, I have a fully fuelled warp reactor but in galaxy map it says no fuel, the other thing I find odd is that I can call my frieghter in to any system I happen to be in which doesn’t make sense when my ship can warp further than it says my frieghter can, even when my frieghter had no fuel