Freighter Warp Broken as of 1.51

PS4. Reloaded my pre NEXT save. Fuelled hyperdrive and its showing as fuelled. On the galactic map cannot warp anywhere and says hyperdrive requires fuel.


I believe this has been fixed for PC with a patch (Steam). May take a while longer to be patched on PS4.

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Good to know, seems with Sony cert we are 24 hours behind pc fixes

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Yes, for more info on the latest Steam Experimental Patch Notes, see here:

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Coming in 1.52…went into experimental today so it should be out officially in a few days…as early as Monday or Tuesday.


Confirmed The day before I was unable to warp Freighter due to the message that there was no fuel and the jump distances wasn’t showing out of range. Yesterday I was able to after the latest patch to jump normally with my freighter :slight_smile:

I even took a guest (Archie Watsit) who was safely huddling in his ship as I warped 1880 something light years to a random destination I choose :slight_smile: We had a ball on a planet that had these little round island plateaus and took many screen shots :slight_smile:


I warp exclusively with my freighter so as you can imagine, this has hit me quite hard. The system i’m in has zero hospitable planets, (severe weather on some, storms literally every 3 minutes on others) so in order to get around this I decided to portal to another system instead, and while this was successful, I wasn’t however able to access the Galactic Map, citing ‘Portal Interference’

Just waiting now for 1.52

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Me too. Freighter fueled but no go.
I gather the warp upgrades for starships were nerfed too so that even with the special coloured drives, the distance is a piddly 100ly.

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The freighter warp issue has been resolved and is now functional
Thanks Hello Games :+1:

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Has anyone found the freighter warp drives, or upgrade modules for it since Next? I’m playing a new game on the Xbox and the freighter warp is worthless right now as I can warp much further in a ship.


Yeah the new warp drive upgrade modules for ships have made freighter warping less advantageous than it used to be.

On top of that they nerfed the distance on all warp drives. My freighter withl two warp drive upgrades went 1300 ly before next, it now does 700ly per warp.

Have not seen any freighter warp drive upgrades since NEXT either. With bthe old blueprint salesmen gone and the three new specialists selling upgrade modules and more or less every buildable blue print for ship, multi tool and exosuit, I don’t see where freighter drive blueprints are supposed to sit.

They should be with the ship blueprints guy if anywhere but have yet to see them.

All my ships, even ones without upgrades can basically go further than my freighter now.

Figured it’s another massive oversight or bug on their hands similar to trade goods not showing up in shops for so long, in sure they’re aware of the issue but is quite low on the priority list.

I kinda figured since the freighter didn’t need upgrades to go to any system, that there would be modules for it instead of needing blueprints. Oh well, for now I’m ok with using my starships and hopefully they will eventually have freighters being the best for warping again.