For Freighter/Frigate Fans (Screenshots)


Share your Freighter finds and fandom.

Help a fellow Traveller

New A Class Freighter I blew 94mil on today…decent upgrade from my old 17slot C class.

Goodbye Yellow Sub-Spacine…hello Plymouth Satellite (Cause new home planet)

Except glitch, after buying new freighter, going to explore other planet in system, and returned to find new freighter looking like old freighter…


Freighters are one of my favourite things in this game.


My first S class was a 19 slot baby but the stats were really good. a1121809fa84316d26becd752897bd101e772995_1_690x388

I upgraded to a full capasity S class despite its stats not being quite as good.
This is a pic of the 2, side by side.


Here is pic I took just after Atlas Rises came out. 8c23fec8d6216661c6aab0efc59cf98348fb0d31_1_690x388


Nice thread! Gotta submit some pictures later!

@DarthBane2016 Those are beasts!!! Holly S freighters!




@arpoja Thanks, they’re hard to find but satisfying when you do !
Here’s a few more, mixed class.


And so on my next game session load, the new freighter showed in true form, but changed from red to yellow colour scheme. which i prefer.


Good god I have yet to acquire a freighter because I never have money, at just under 1 mil right now. It’s time to set up some farms I think. These are fantastic to see, keep them coming!


My current crop of freighters, Currently looking for my Euclid white whale.




Holly Moses.

That one looks fantastic!






I have a freighter identical to that but mine glitched and became red after I bought it…now if I dock with an identical freighter that isn’t red and I go into the comparison screen as if trying to buy the new one, that one shows as red too. Only affects that model of freighter I think…all the other ones appear fine.