For Freighter/Frigate Fans (Screenshots)


Yeah, common freighter bug to change color - I check if it will before buying now.


Most of you will no doubt know already… The exploded balls represent the final colour of the freighter. The main part is the primary colour and the little tab is the secondary. This one would change from red with a white stripe to green with a blue one.


Hey! Give a pic of that squid in the S class mega thread!


I think its there already. Although ive 3 similar white ones and a silver one on different profiles (yeah I like squids lol)


I had no idea…never had the chance to know because generally speaking if I even accidentally hit a freighter I don’t get to dock with it, much less buy it.


I do remember that now you mention it but I had forgotten though. Thanks for the refresh. :+1:


When Im hunting a freighter I cheat a bit. I visit a big bunch of high end systems then when I get a freighter battle I hold back and wait for the cargo to get hit. If its not what I want, just reset to last system and set a waypoint from my discoveries tab and repeat till i find what I want. A bit naughty … but whatya gonna do? :slight_smile:


No I know that way of farming for freighters…that’s very easy to figure out…when you’re due for a mega freighter spawn, one will always spawn no matter where you jump…I’m just saying there is no reason for me or anyone else to know the blown up colors would be what the freighter glitches into…if I want it why would I sit back and let it get hit or why would I think a blown up bit would give me the colors it will glitch into?


True but this is a general thread and even though it was a reply to you, my post could be useful to others so it could be useful. no need to be salty


I’m not “salty”…I’m literally just saying there’s no reason to expect this to be something people naturally figure out. Why are you even offended by what I said?

I was referring to this bit here specifically:


tbh i find your tone offensive quite a lot (like 50% of your posts). For example the new guy you hounded out of here because he made 8 threads in a row without knowing how things work here. Anyways peace Im out of this thread :wink:


Tone? What tone do you read in regular plain old text? I was literally just explaining something…I didn’t put anything in all caps, I didn’t use exclamation marks, I didn’t use emojis…how do you read “tone” into that? If you randomly decide to read something into a mean or angry or salty voice in your head for no well explained reason that’s on you.

And how do you feel like my posts are “hounding” you? That literally makes no sense…I was literally just having a calm discussion. And the guy with 10 threads, I literally only replied to him a total of 3 times and one of those was after he tagged me, that’s it. I literally only touched one of his 10 threads in any capacity…how is that “hounding”?




Wow, nice!


Welcome to the forum JayBizz22! Feel free to introduce yourself in the Introduction Thread.



Last few freighter pics from me for the Atlas Rises Era.



I have watched other Freighter Captains warping in with their armadas and I felt so insignificant with my 1 lowly C Class…so sad…but no more! I mean 50 frigates! I am so very excited!
And yet I am feeling so nostalgic…and a little sad…but not too sad. :tada: :sparkles: :sparkler: