For Freighter/Frigate Fans (Screenshots)


I’ve had the same freighter since early on in NMS. It has room for the crew and one hammock… And there is usually someone in that… :anguished:
Storage wise, well… don’t ask… :roll_eyes:



I have just got back the exact same freighter I had before my previous save became corrupted and stopped loading…1.51 did not help that case and there’s a chance it might never be playable again so today I have put in some hours of farming and at last I have got it back. The ultimate, the perfect freighter in every imaginable way from model to color, to design, and(last but definitely not least) operated by the best species in the NMS universe, the Korvax!! I absolutely fits the character I created even before having it for the first time. Except this time, this time I have done what I should have done long ago with the first one…I backed up my save file so that I may never lose it again:


I had a frigate almost land on top of me!

There are some more pictures of the frigate crash episode in the Screenshots 1.5 thread.


@kliktrak: I have made a minor edit to the topic title to be a bit more descriptive. The topic has turned mostly into sharing screenshots, without focus on details as to where to find those.

I would suggest anyone to continue on with sharing those wonderful shots. If there is a wish for details where to find these (coordinates and such), it would likely best fit a new topic.


The freighter I shared is in the Eisentaam galactic hub near the(former? pre-1.5) hub capital in a system named Flavian(White/Gold canary splitter exotic)…that’s just the name though. I didn’t name it and the exotic ship mentioned in the name is most likely no longer there or at least looks very differently. It is a wealthy system so it does have good odds of spawning an exotic. Don’t have portal coordinates sadly. Haven’t found any of the items required by monoliths to point out a portal since 1.5.

But the mega freighter obviously won’t be there for you unless you specifically time the jump into that system at the exact time the game deems it to be time for you to see one and it is not guaranteed to be S class…but it was pretty reliably an A class for me. I jumped into that system about 10 times or so and it was an A class every time except the last time when I got it as an S so it should be pretty good regardless.





I have noticed that my crew keeps changing to whatever race owns the system. Have you seen that bug?


I brought mine to Next…

It has babies, now…


Yes…hopefully it will be fixed…and hopefully when they fix it the original crew of the freighter will be restored…or at least the correct species. For now I try to keep my freighter only in Korvax systems as much as possible and the original crew was Korvax.


This is kind of what I was getting at…

“I forgot to move my freighter before this morning’s patch, now I have little Geks all over…PERMANENTLY! Game breaking, fix ASAP HG!!”

I also want Korvax crew, hope they fix their visors! nods


Not mine…yet.


You need to be one hell of a gekist to consider that even remotely game-breaking!


When I was checking endless systems for that freighter I didn’t necessarily know I’d find it at all in those exact same colors so I started writing head-canon about how I’d explain it if I ended up with Gek or Vy’keen crew with myself being a Korvax. If I had ended up with Gek crew I would have said it was a symbol of the Korvax’ total and complete victory over Gek to where now the Gek are under the rule and law of the Korvax. If the crew ended up being Vy’keen I would have said the Korvax had offered to provide the tactical and strategic genius of their intelligence to guide the Vy’keen in their wars on the Gek to ensure the Gek threat never rises again.

Soooo…yes…I guess you could rightly call me a Gekist!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

But to be fair I never allowed the nuclear warhead to be used…the Korvax prefer dominance through diplomacy.




I made myself a “multiplayer frigate”, to hover over my base and bellow my “true fleet”.