Show your ship!


I don’t know why this topic didn’t exist already (only de S-Class one), Well, time to change that. You can use this topic to show-off your ship regardless of what type or class it is. If you have a backstory for your beloved ship, please do tell!

But since I’m opening this topic, it is also my duty to kick it off with a pic ofcourse :wink:

I’ve found this lovely A-class hauler with 47 slots all alone and abandoned on a planet. I’m busy patching her up and have about 10 slots to go.

Now let me see your ships :smiley:


This is my favorite looking ship of the bunch. A class 25 slot explorer, it’s not super crazy, but it comes in chrome! :grin:


Sadly, your image is not showing. There seems to be an issue with it.


Hmm, maybe becaise it’s straight off twitter, adblockers block them sometimes. I’ve put it on another imagehosting site!


S class exotic


Space Meatball!


Old, obsolete, 48 slot “fighter” :wink:
Collected thanks to the Gek observatory bug.


This old thing, it’s really nothing special. Looks cool tho (and style > stats :p), the “fake artoo” there is what gives the charm. heh


My space beauty