For Freighter/Frigate Fans (Screenshots)



Ok so at long last I finally closed out my frigate fleet…I ended up spending just about 500 million units on it at the end of the day though that included a lot of waste…I bought and ended up dismissing at least 5 S class frigates, over 10 A class frigates, and plenty of others. My final desired fleet composition was as follows: 12 combat specialists, 6 Industrial specialists, 6 Exploration specialists, and 6 Trade specialists with minimum combined stats no lower than 55 accepted into the final fleet. This is ALL 100% legit, earned on PS4…no save editing shenanigans.


Great fleet, what was your method for getting S class?


Nice set up.


I usually went to high wealth systems and looked at the economy for the type of ships I wanted to find…it’s not a guarantee but a pretty good rule of thumbs that trading economies will have trading frigates and so on. Once in a system if you sit iddle in space two things will ALWAYS 100% happen…a small fleet of NPC freighters will appear at some distance from you and a 2nd will warp in very close to your location…listen to the sound of vessels warping and look at your minimap…there’s ALWAYS two. Once you checked all the frigates in those two activate the pulse drive and go away from them for 5-10 seconds until they despawn and when you stop you’ll get another two fleets.

The major pain in the butt is that high economies have high hostility so you’ll be attacked by pirates…that in and of itself isn’t the major problem…the major problem is you’ll always have a bunch of friendly ships trying to “help”…a combat frigate you can’t interact with comes in and out pop a bunch of helper ships…except they are absolutely worthless…they do either zero or unnoniceable damage. The one thing they do REALLY GOOD is dive in your line of fire when you’re firing…and one single hit from you and out come sentinels to hunt you. You mostly have to either carefully fight around the “friendly” ships or reload the save at the station if you haven’t found any good frigate since you last saved or you have to win and/or run if you have. But yeah…mainly just check frigates, pulse away, check frigates, ect…and deal with pirates in-between.


I took this during my first ever time playing the game on the day NEXT was released. I now realise I lucked out with this, but sadly at the time I didn’t realise that both the ship I was in plus that Freighter in the background were pretty good… I’m assuming that Freighter is an S-Class? I sadly didn’t go over to it to check as I was still learning the ropes of the game and didn’t know at the time that you could board freighters. Although, I was playing in creative here so I suppose I haven’t really lost out lol



Found my new ride! Now comes the hard part, naming it!


Albino 42

(If indeed it is white & the ultimate answer is the same number of low cargo pods)


Le Flama Blanca!



I couldn’t stop giggling


May its colour never change on warp :pray: :pray:


I checked just because that’s my habit, and the blown up cargo pod is the same color. I haven’t had a freighter switch colors in Next. Actually, when I loaded up my ps4 save day one - my freighter had reverted to its original colors instead of the nice colors it had changed to.


"Anomaly Detected. "

Are you the chosen one?!


Not for years, and she still tells me it was just luck on my part.



After a few missions the fleet ships will also level up to become ‘S’ class. I purchased a ‘A’ class which is now an ‘S’ class. The crew are telling me they are now ‘Poetic’ lol.


Class isn’t even the half of it though…I’ve seen C class with impressive stats and I’ve seen utterly worthless S class frigates…S class just means a frigate has five positive traits but plenty of positive traits are pretty useless and your frigate will still end up weak. That’s mainly why I ended up buying all my S class frigates…because developing them would be a gamble that wouldn’t necessarily pay off.


I’ve had the same freighter for a while now, A class 34 slots.

I’ve lost count how many times this has changed colour!


The ambient lighting from the current system you visit can have a dramatic affect on the surface colour of objects. I think the best way to confirm the actual colour of any item, ship, freighter, multi-tool or whatever is to call up the item statistics from the Tab menu and view the ship design and colour on the page background. That has helped me make or break a deal with those sneaky Vy’keen and their dodgy goods :slight_smile: