For Freighter/Frigate Fans (Screenshots)



Makes me want to sing Purple Rain. :smiley: Cool.


New Freighters and one thats keeps getting new paint!


My first large freighter…

Compared with my newer one…


I’m assuming that if you buy a new freighter your owned frigates just transfer over, right?


You assumed correctly, although I find the in-game text a bit misleading when checking out a freighter.


Finally got myself a worthy Freighter, which apparently requires helping out in a battle. Took me a long time finding one and find freighters quite cheap in NEXT. There was no need to come prepared with 500+ mil. What happened to the need to gather a fortune first?

Anyways, I do like the model and colour. You’d easily mistake it for black from a distance, but it is actually a really deep shiny dark green.

Useless for any warping though, at 129.2 ly, but considering how bad freighters are at warps nowadays, I didn’t care to find an S-Class.

Some specifics for those interested:

Capital A-Class, type Sentinel large
Home Seed: 0xE20001B4D323
Model Seed: 0x3C653E2312E3206B
Hyperdrive: 29.184024810791016


Commander Ilh

Navigator Riit

Moral Support crew


The blueprints for the freighter warp reactors are still in the game…I have them on my legacy save and they work…my S class freighter can warp for 2100+ ly…the question is how are those warp reactors supposed to be obtained now days? Very wasteful with warp fuel given ships can get up to 7 jumps out of a warp cell but that’s understandable…it is a giant freighter…but not terrible distance at all.


Short answer, you can’t. New NEXT players are not able to get the extra warp blueprints at all.


That’s got to be a glitch…another thing they need to fix. Have you submitted a bug report?


I would assume this is indeed bugged, so sure enough reported. Everyone with new saves complains how bad this is. I believe an S-Class Freighter can jump about 150ly. This is just useless and seems to be a mistake, especially if they intended to rid of the warp prints, which is unlikely considering they still exist and work with pre-Next saves. My Exotic can jump close to 1300ly currently, with Explorers basically the way to go if you want to max jump distance. I have been jumping from about 700k ly out to now be at ±580k ly from the center. Takes 5 warp cells, not sure how many jumps that is, but they get you quite a ways.


Well…unless you’re willing to dedicate 10 slots of a ship with no more than 20+6 to the warp reactor…which pretty insane. But that’s exactly what I did to my exotic. I used 25 of 26 slots for tech and tech modules and the 26th slot I used to maintain pulse drive fuel since if the ship runs out in space it has to be able to collect its own pulse drive fuel.


Fun fact, not a single slot left on my Exotic for storage. A bit of a shame, but encourages switching ships depending on purpose I guess.


What tech did you double up on for your exotic? I went for warp reactors and shields since that’s where it had its best bonuses in of +64% and +59% so it seemed like a waste to no make the most of its top strengths. It can still fight well and I can still kill the toughest pirate attacks but damage just won’t be as that of a fighter…at +49% damage it was only going to be as good as a top A class fighter anyway.

My current Exotic loadout

Indeed not as good as a fighter’s potential, but can easily manage any regular fight. If only my fighter I currently have would be a bit better, I would likely use it for exploration. I don’t really have to worry about storage with all my cargo slots available.


I didn’t do pulse drive tech modules for it…it naturally had near 500 maneuverability by itself so no pulse drive tech modules for me, also cut the efficient thrusters since having 5 take-offs instead of 4 is not a big deal when launch thruster fuel is very fast and easy to craft. Also lost the rocket launcher…great damage but just not going to cut it against fast moving targets and still targets like freighters I can do without. I then brought the RGB reactors into main slots, and filled the tech slots with an additional 3 S hyperdrive tech modules(6 total) and 3 more S shields tech modules and I added the scanners in the main slots as well.


Well, we’re getting a bit off topic here to discuss our other ships, but one thing … gotta love a mouse with several extra buttons you can add advanced macros to :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: My Photon Cannon for example is incapable of overheating and a quick rocket whenever I get a chance to line up my mouse works wonders …


Yeah…best to take this to the ships thread.


Agree. Either way, hope warp for Freighters can get some loving some time soon. Meanwhile I just continue to gather and hunt for what I want, as starting fresh is fun, you gotta do it all over again :wink:


We didn’t get any new experimental or patch notes today so hopefully tomorrow…fingers crossed they fix this so the freighter warp reactors are obtainable again.