Pre Next update bases and tech upgrades

I logged onto No mans sky and I love the new content but the majority of my upgrades are gone for suit and aircraft and I was spawned into a new system and I can’t warp to my base anyone else having issues?

The pre-next bases are gone…you’ll need to build a new one from scratch.

According to a tweet from Sean, you should be able to spawn your old base in at a location of your choosing via the the base computer.

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What about Freighter Bases, Sean!


My base is gone and wasn’t accessable via the base computer. Freighter is an empty warehouse with no inventory box that I can find.


I saw the tweet, but like Mad-Hatter says, there is no option to do so in-game. Freighters are reconfigured, and old bases seem completely gone. I can build hallways and some tech, but I do not see any option to build the required frigate control room so I can’t progress there.

I’m also extremely frustrated at the new building ui. It’s funny cause I think it’s almost much better now, but it has several fatal flaws that are utterly killing me:

  • First is how it automatically builds things if you’re navigating through the menus with up-arrow (which I prefer over the select key). Instead of entering the top level menu and waiting for you to select a part, it immediately builds the first part!

  • Second is how you have to back up through every menu level one at a time just to exit build mode. Related to that is if how you then have to re-navigate all the way back up to get back to the same parts.

I’m currently finding this whole update like this actually. It feels like it’s right there on the precipice of something amazing, but I’m really not enjoying it yet cause I’m fighting so much with the interface & some big bugs.


That’s up in your freighter’s back area. Its a large room in the build menu (only active in the correct area.)

Thanks, I checked that but it looks like a bug. I’ve only been playing my creative save in next so far. Wanted to protect my other modes until more bugs were ironed out. The latest experimental branch patch notes specifically mention this was a problem in creative mode.

Someone else couldn’t get it in CREATIVE either.
It’s possibly not included or bugged.

Madhats, I don’t think you can recover old base through portable base computer, my understanding is you must find an old habitable base in the wild like it used to be, and you can recover them that way (recovering them at a base computer you’ve placed on a sheer incline would’ve caused issues etc) so I’m assuming the old base spawns are still out there with flattened ground around them so we can recover old bases without any geographical hiccups.

However I still have not figured out how to find them. According to experimental patch notes they’ll be adding a tutorial in first patch on how to do this :slight_smile:

But Sean did mention it was done by base computers found in the wild, not placed.


I’m not worried.
I’ll simply go nomad until I find a place I really like.