Pre-built bases

Before NEXT, you could only build your base in a pre-defined area. You could recognise it by the circular building, and the nicely flattened circular area of land.

NEXT changed all that. You could build your base anywhere, and we all did. Of course, it’s not without problems, because the terrain is no longer flattened for you, and if you do flatten it, it tends to come back, and poke through your buildings. Still, you learn to build on stilts.

So (call me a fool for not realising this), it has come as something of a surprise to me to discover that the old pre-built bases still exist.

They no longer have the circular building - they just have a blue base computer with a light on top. But they do have the large circular area of pre-flattened land. Which is very handy. They look like this:

So, if you’re having trouble with terrain invading your bases, there is an answer. The old ones are still there.


Ya base building is a horrible experience so far for me…

Are these different from the Legacy Base comps? I found one early on and I could build a base there but could not Upload it. After the updates, I can now Upload it but I cannot delete it…very confusing…but the one I found was not blue so I assume there are 2 types of Base Comps to find in the wild.

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I assume so. There’s no sign they’ve ever been occupied.

Anyway, I’ve adopted the one in the picture above as my main base. So we’ll find out what happens.

I chose the site because it’s got a huge cave just behind it, so I can extend the base underground, without the terrain overwhelming it. That’s the theory, anyway. :grinning:

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Cool, I didn’t know they were still in the game. Initially HG made it sound like they were, but I’ve never seen one on my new save. I was further confused when I loaded my old creative-mode save, and my base-reconstruction scan surprisingly found one of these less than 1000u away! I didn’t see anything while flying over the area earlier, and unfortunately I overwrote my saves before realizing I could have reloaded and investigated it before I scanned.

While I do really like the build-anywhere mechanic for enabling some really creative base locations, I think I prefer the old level fields for general builds. I built my current working base in Next at an existing settlement partly for that reason (also for the free parking and trade terminal).


Just a little update I thought I’d share… I remembered we now have planetary coordinates in-game, so I jotted down my creative base location. Then I temporarily swapped out my current save with the old Atlas Rises backup. I tracked down the same spot and sure enough, there was a wild base computer there! Must have just missed it in my previous flyover, and landed so close to it by pure chance.


Awesome discovery, thank you !

I obviously found one of these while recovering my old base, but I also found a couple randomly. I wonder if you can use the scanner booster to find them.