"Build Anywhere" NMS NEXT Update!?

I’ve been thinking about base building and the rumor (confirmed or unconfirmed) that we will be able to build colonies/big bases together - my thought is that it’ll do away with the preformed building locations. IS this coming in the next update…no more scarce abandoned bases to find, we can build by the sea, on a mountain top or deep inside a cave, OR underwater!!..lets discuss this.

Think about building in a cave for instance - it would require an entrance big enough to fly down into.


That sounds like a terrific idea to me, we would see some spectacular bases if that happened. I wonder how they would implement it though, would you need to level an area to build? Maybe have structural support required when building on uneven area?

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I know that in games like Subnautica, placing, for instance, a circular room will just automatically add support ‘feet’ at curtain areas that reach down to the ground and support the structure. Building foundations beforehand will flatten the land.

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The terrain is just math…as you change the terrain the equations would change for everyone, and as you travel to the area the area generates as the equation dictates as normal. So I think that is possible just not sure how probable. but its fun to talk about.


Plus why cant you just build into the side of a mountain or hill

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Maybe they will add building parts for just that very thing.

Had an idea a long time ago of and ARK/Halo Forge mode for the bases. The creatures are so widly abundant and unique that sometimes, it really feels like a breading mechanic with a base system could become a personal Jurassic Park type deal. With more players, maybe cities, not just a singular home.

The freighters I had an idea for when the multiplayer came to an actual likelihood for this update that the freights could have sub-stations like a wing for each player or a guild/clan or eventually a space station (as units are always um… not cheap for larger things lol).

Final two together, a mobile app intigration with bases and freighters that can act offline (on the app or idle in game) like with certain games where you can build up members or NPCs and send them out like my example is Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.

“Build anywhere” could take base building to a whole new level especially with NPCs, mini games (who votes for laser tag with terrain tools intact still? )

I um… I’ve had high hopes for this game for a long time lol.


That is fairly trivial. In fact, NMS can do that without issues. I’m not even sure whether you need to mod it, I kind of remember it being a mere config parameter to enable “build everywhere”.
The first problem you’ll face, though, is multiplayer. Currently such bases are not sharable. This is not that much of an issue now that they had the time to redesign the online stuff.

The larger problem, I’d imagine, is that your base ends up in Nirvana every time the terrain changes.
Now, people who have seen the latest GDC talk from HG (which is not yet online, unfortunately) said that it was about how they restructured the generation so they could make more targeted changes without screwing over the entire universe every time. This is non-trivial, but there are ways to do it. They’re just often less performant, and they do still limit the content you can add without changing existing things. For example, adding a planetary biome will necessarily mean some planets will change. Though you can structure it in a way that the biome changes without the terrain, but quite often the two are loosely connected.

My guess would be that HG has added enough stuff that they’re confident they don’t have to blow the universe up again with the next update, and that they might enable free base building because they don’t expect to have to walz all over your base anytime soon.


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