Anyone else obsessed with cave building since next update

I have been building crazy underground bases sense next and it amazes me how big some of these caves are definitely like the caves better than the surface at the moment


Not yet but I probably will be when I get to it…mainly still waiting for HG to fix stuff…I didn’t even have access to the blueprint analyzer until a few days ago.

For now I’m still reinforcing my frigate fleet and trying to patch up the remaining weaknesses.

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I’ve not been building that much yet, but I am obsessed with the caves in general. They’re just so good now!

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Yea i just got the blue print analyzer too but it’s just crazy how much they’ve reworked the caves I was on one planet and I think I walked through one cave system for like an hour and a half and finally just blasted my way out the roof

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The Caves are pretty awesome alright.

That said, I just don’t trust anything in the game right now, whether legacy save or not. I found one cave in a Creative mode save that I thought was perfect for building in, but couldn’t make myself do it. lol

Right now I’m just poking about in two Creative mode saves I don’t really care about, doing some quests, ignoring my four broken frigates, and missing tech, etc.

My main big Normal mode save, still uninitialised, is safely tucked away on a separate drive. Along with doing daily backups just in case. My fresh start Normal save is on hold until Mal is available to play again in about a week.

I think it might be fun to build more, but I just don’t know anymore. Would be fun to see your pics of your cave bases over on the the bases thread.


I just can’t get into building anything until they fix all of the old “legacy” infrastructure parts.

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yeah they definitely need to work out some bugs with the Free Base building terrain coming back and stuff like that I’ve only had it happened once or twice but it’s very annoying when it does that’s why every time anything happens I just submit a bug report

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Even Sean Murray is surprised and amazed by the caves people are finding :slight_smile:


Love my cave base. It’s like a dig site in a sci-fi movie. Small buildings scattered about, terminals out in the open, mine shafts, wooden walkways, storage crates here and there. It’s a normal mode game so it’s slow going and a bit haphazard, but that lends to it’s charm. It’s located on a barren, moon like, low atmosphere planet, but the cave environment is temperate and since it’s filled with base stuff, O2 isn’t an issue either. I keep expecting to return some day to disaster, but so far so good.


My new #2 base in my new NEXT save is a cave construction.
Located on a mountainous lush world with a lot of waterways, I found a cave system within 2 minutes of the portal. It has water pools in some places but is mostly dry. Has a discreet overhang entranceway leading into a complex tunnel network.
I’ve bookmarked this thread and will share pics as I carefully build my 'home- base. Given its a new save it will take another week or so yet to complete my base network.
The new caves are amazingly real in their formations. Much improved.

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This cave makes me want to build a cave base.


Been working on a shared game with Mrs.MH and our “home” is a cave base.
The entrance is a sinkhole with a low hidden ledge that leads into an open tunnel that stretches a long way.

Our planet has a high water table so sections of the cave system has pools which makes it very mystical and pleasant. I’ve made a boardwalk across the first pool with a junction where one side leads to the main ‘house’ and the other path leads to a "moon-pool’ where our teleporter floats in a steamy halo.
It’s still under construction as we get components but you’ll get the idea.


I built one in a cave that looks similar to yours but I didn’t have water I like building secret rooms that go way back into the cave and then build a bunch of computers and stuff like it’s a secret hideout I’ve even used the terrain manipulator to hide the entrance to my base


I like that idea! Now I just need to settle in one galaxy long enough to find the right spot to do something like this! You guys have given me some ideas :slight_smile: