I hope they plan on fixing these!

These two parts are really all I want fixed! It would be SO helpful if these two parts “snapped” like they used to. I get it though, they want us to start using the new parts and get used to them. And don’t get me wrong, the new parts are awesome and everything, but I really need those old legacy parts to work (Snap) so I can build in creative unrestricted like I used to!

These parts being broken right now have put a huge damper on my creativity.

HG doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to fix these building part snapping issues either, which is understandable I guess, being that they’ve got so may other “game breaking” issues (like save corruptions, mission/quest bugs, people falling through freighter floors, etc etc) that they need to fix. It seems like a giant can of worms they’ve opened. Each experimental patch fixes one problem, but creates three more in it’s wake. I honestly feel sorry for them at this point.

I’d just like some sort of nod, or response saying “yeah, we know about that, and will fix it eventually”. Or “yes, it’s on the roadmap of fixes”…


What exactly can you do with cuboid rooms that you can’t do with walls?

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It’s not what you can do with cuboid rooms, it’s the wall pieces that don’t snap on the top of them (see the red parts in the picture) Those pieces snapping like they used to, are an important part of base design IMO.

And even more importantly, the “Linking Posts” that don’t snap any more. (Used to be called “Corner Posts”) These are SUPER important for base design.
These are supposed to snap on the ends of the wall pieces (see the red piece in the picture I posted) and were able to be stacked vertically. (See my post history for examples of this type of base design)

If they’re not going to fix these going forward, at least give us a NEW linking post (aka Corner Post) that will work with the new “Basic Component” wall parts.

Oh I agree, that snapping is darn important if you use cuboid rooms. That’s why I’m asking. I have had no problems so far because I simply found myself stop using cuboid rooms. I’m just interested what advantages they offer over the new parts.

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You can’t nod with your head down working i guess but i know what you mean. I hear and read about so many bugs and glitches and all I can think about is that they said they playtested for six months.

I guess it’s hard to catch everything.


Here’s an example. (One of my older pathfinder bases) Notice at the very top of the picture, the wall pieces and the Corner posts stacked vertically to give the look of a “skeletal frame” if you will. Only by being able to snap those wall pieces to the tops of cuboid rooms, and then snapping the Corner posts to the ends of those wall pieces can this be achieved (with any kind of symmetry)


Here’s another example:

Corner posts and wall pieces snapped in harmony:

These types of builds cannot be done in NEXT as of yet, until they fix those pieces.


Couple more.

The first one - there’s NO way the top half of this tower could be built as the parts are in NEXT without the snapping function of the wall-cuboid room, then the corner post-wall snap.

Another one that in no way could be built in NEXT.



I see your point. I’m just not creative enough at building to do stuff like that. Those are some georgeous bases, by the way!



Luckily, I still have a GOG version of the game that’s still on 1.38 (Atlas Rises) that I can build to my hearts content with.

I hope they plan on fixing those parts in NEXT though, because everything else about the update is amazing!

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One very important aspect is that these old infrastructure parts, cuboid room parts, and base room prefab parts are all in the same scale. They all conform to the same basic grid size, allowing the different part types to solidly mix together. The new parts follow a different scale that clashes with the originals, making it difficult to use them together well.


Happy cake day!

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Thanky much! :}

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Still no fix in the latest experimental patch.

1.58, and still no fix for these building parts!

I’ve had the impression things like base buildin peices etc are low on thef priority list as it isn’t as game breaking as a lot of the other stuff, as they say, high priority bugs are at the forefront.

I’ve a feeling now that things are more solid and whatnot and community events have arrived with new base parts, they’ll be giving some much needed attention to these issues now.

I know legacy saves have the carbon planter which doesn’t even show up in the list for new saves, but fence post and platform items are in my new save list. Fingeys cwossed it gets sorted soon :heart:


Still no fix with the latest experimental build as of September 16th.

I really must be the only one missing these parts!

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still no fix in 1.60

I made a post on reddit about this, and also shared it on twitter along with a DM to Sean.

While everyone is building their wooden huts, nobody is talking about how the old infrastructure parts are broken…


I’m sure they get a million DMs on twitter they probably don’t check them, best measure is to submit to zen desk as that is the correct avenue and they tackle the issues with the most tickets first and work down, it wouldn’t hurt to submit another zen desk ticket if you already did in the past.

I know I did a few months ago but with the influx of new players chances are a lot of people don’t even know this is an actual issue and so it keeps getting pushed down the list.

I’ll make another zen desk post about it too to help. :wink:

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Thanks Todd, Yeah, I’ve sent another Zendesk report as well. Trying all possible avenues including a reddit post entitled “Bases that cannot be built in NMS NEXT” just trying to get someone’s attention.

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