I hope they plan on fixing these!

I think quite a few people have noticed problems integrating old and new parts. Here is part of the discussion from a different topic:


There’s a new survey in this week’s official development update. One question specifically asks about base building parts. Perfect opportunity to ask for these classic inrastructure parts back. It was the first thing I put in my answer (even specified a reason about the advantages of matching scale pieces). I also requested curved new-style walls/floors/roofs, angle-oriented walls, and elevators (ladders are so dang slow now).


My requests were almost identical to yours. I also requested parts to allow better integration with Legacy base parts

I didn’t include an elevator idea, but I like it! I just hadn’t thought about it.


Awesome guys! Maybe we’ll get those parts back in working order after all.

If they’re really “listening intently” that is!

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Andvator would be awesome!

Well, so far, it looks like the old infrastructure parts from the Foundation Update are a no show in Beyond.

I do love what they’ve done with the power systems and other building parts/mechanics though.

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