Base building gripes

I held off trying planetary base building due the relocation and blueprint analyser bugs on ps4. But I thought Id have a go tonight to get to know the bits I can access.

The infrastructure pieces that snap to the cuboid rooms seem to be removed from the game, these provided a greater level of creativity and there were lots of little tricks associated with them to make things fit better and change heights etc and still have everything snap together.

The wooden pieces are different dimensions from the cuboid rooms. I think 9 cuboid rooms is the same length as 8 wooden floor pieces. I don’t understand why there’s 2 mostly unrelated systems of building. Why not make one have the same footprint as the other and be able to snap everything together?


I too have building pieces missing from original base building dlc, I agree abound the new building parts, they should be designed to fit with old ones


I wasn’t sure if those pieces were missing or just not available to me yet. That really sucks that they’re gone! I’m absolutely boggled by decisions like having the new incompatible sized parts. The game already had a similar problem of separate build systems with the cubic infrastructure pieces that didn’t snap to anything else.

NEXT was the perfect opportunity to unify everything… add anchor points to make those incompatible infrastructure bits snappy, and use the existing snapping ones as the basis for all the new similar-style pieces. Now it’s too late.


I hope its not too late, base building is my favourite thing in nms.

I also just spent a couple of hours in creative mode trying to recreate this idea from my pre next base using the new pieces . Except with 4 landing pads instead of 2.


Using the new pieces on their own and running doors from the landing pads. Then adding a floor, another door onto the next pad and running floor right round the pads.

Even using the same piece nothing matches up with itself, its all out of joint.

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Im hoping they will fix so they all fit together, I’m really itching to make a great base but holding off till I can get my old base back, even if it’s to dismantle so I can use the resources


Hey just to confirm I still have all my infrastructure pieces, I assume that was the parts you were talking about? And I’m a bugged legacy save with no blueprint analyser :grimacing: roll on 1.53 so that we may build, and roll on actual discovery services working so naming things actually has an impact on friends and multiplayer.


That’s cool. I’m a bugged legacy save also, but haven’t managed to restore my base. I take it you’ve managed to restore yours?

Maybe I’m missing something, wouldn’t be the first time that’s for sure :slight_smile:
Can you find the roof platform, linking post and wall in the build menus when editing your base? I can’t seem to on either my legacy save or the creative save I started

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Bit spoilerish…




The old “legacy” infrastructure pieces are still in the game, not to worry… However, they aren’t working right (or “snapping” right) just yet. The “Corner PostsJUST got renamed a couple days ago to “Linking posts” in one of the post 1.5 patches I noticed, so we do know that they are being looked at by HG. These parts, once “unlocked”, can be found in the “Small Adornments” section of the new “Basic Components” category of the build menu. Also, some of the other infrastructure parts are tucked away in the “Decorations” section of all places (the category with the “Flag”), under a sub category called “Adornments”.

I think in anything other than creative mode, they’re unlocked after a certain quest or mission. Some parts, are also obtained by using the “Blueprint Analyzer”.

So far, as of August 2nd., in the latest experimental patch on Steam, these building parts are still not working/snapping correctly:

  • Linking Posts (formerly known as “Corner Posts” - a VERY important building part IMHO!) do not snap to the ends of the old infrastructure wall pieces like they’re supposed to.

  • Infrastructure Wall Pieces (straight and/or curved) do not snap onto the tops of cuboid rooms like they’re supposed to.

  • Interior Cuboid room staircases do not snap anywhere inside the Cuboid Rooms like they’re supposed to.

  • The cylinder infrastructure piece doesn’t snap correctly on some sides of other parts like it’s supposed to.

  • The Cuboid room ladder (the small one) is also having issues

There may be others that I haven’t found or ran into yet, but these parts not working right have put a damper on my creative building plans. I’m sure they’ll fix them soon enough, as they’re obviously working on fixing the more important game breaking bugs (like broken quest lines, crashes, and problems with people loading old save files etc etc).

I have reported the problems with these building parts to the Zendesk bug report thing, and also post the issue on the Steam Experimental discussion each time they deploy a new experimental patch. I hope they fix these parts soon so we can continue our creative endeavors!

This building part problem is really the only problem I have! Otherwise, the NEXT update is AMAZING and I love it! I’ve been playing NMS since launch and it just keeps getting better and better!

The new building parts are awesome and all, but we really need those old parts working right, and working together with everything else. And yes, I agree about the different types of parts not “fitting” together with other categories of parts. I have always said that “building in NMS is like having some parts from a lego set, some parts from a K’nex set, and some parts from a Lincoln Log set” - all mixed together in one big box… the new parts further elaborate on this. It’s weird I know…


1.53 has fixed the base restoration and blueprint analyser issues on PS4…Now onto finding those salvage modules :slight_smile:


Ok, question:

Will salvage modules input in the blueprint analyzer restore the snapping function of the old legacy infrastructure parts?

Because I’ve always thought in creative mode, everything was unlocked and free for us to build uninhibited.

Hasn’t in my Normal game. I’m using my old save, have analyzed all the blueprints, see the parts in the Guide/Structures and still can’t access some of the old parts.

I have but blueprint modules into the analyser and exchanged them for some parts in this case the tower part and a communication station but they are not showing up in my parts list I’m sure others have had the same issue

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Yes that tower part remains a mystery, funny enough I didn’t encounter it on my new playthrough, just my old save when blueprint analyser bug was fixed. I believe @oshoryu came across it too.

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Yeah no tower for me, I also seem to be missing the cuboid metal floor (exterior) and small and large exterior cuboid walls.

Anyone else notice this?


Yep, Its in my original post. Hopefully HG will get it ironed out soon. The new parts are pretty looking but not as functional as the old infrastructure parts :slight_smile:

Hey so I guess I wrongfully assumed I had those because I don’t it seems. Linking posts, wall and roof platform are gone and I used them quite feverishly in the day to build balconies and interesting infrastructure etc

Since restorinf my legacy bases I’ve noticed their absence, especially since my legacy base uses them a lot as well as the automatic garage door which I’ve noticed is missing from build list now too. So I’m not deleting a single thing from my legacy base since I won’t be able to rebuild em.

Hoping it’s just a bug and gets fixed or refined soon without having to wait for some sort of building base update.