Freighter Build Issues

There is some really strange stuff happening on my Freighter. Rooms now have double doors

There are doorways were there were none before

Maybe some of this is the new way but others. like this, are more concerning.

Does it attach differently now? I am too nervous to delete and try to re attach

Apparently all of the pieces now attach with a bulkhead. I hope we don’t have to rebuild our Freighters


I noticed the same and I think it has to do with how existing parts (previously built) are ‘snapped’ together. It may have actually just been fixed with the Steam experimental update:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented some large base parts from correctly snapping to each other.

Game just froze. This seems to always be my indication that there is and 3xp update., lol.

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It appears that those freighter parts are still showing the same issue with the experimental update.

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Are you brave enough to delete/replace one section? :grimacing:

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Sure, planning to restore my saves anyway after a few updates. Why are you asking?

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Cause I am chicken :chicken: No really, Internet being installed so I am just waiting now…although the guy was like What are you playing? And I was like, NMS and he was like High-Five and hugs :grin:


Freighter wall issues are solved
However, the new double bulkheads are still causing me trouble on one end of a hallway

This is the right curving hallway…it also has a slight issue in my other curved hallway. Must be just the one end of that particular piece.