Ship Gone?

Please move this or lock it if it’s alreadty been answered. I bought a hauler to fill with random stuff until I get a home planet figured out. I figured I’d leave it parked on my freighter and do some exploring. I just summioned my freighter to another system and now my hauler is gone. I can’t “summon” it to my freighter. Has anyone experienced this yet? I’ve had a busy week at work so I haven’t been able to play nearly as much as I wanted to.

I’ve got a couple of extra ships on my freighter (and I’m keeping them). Sometimes when I land in freighter they’re all gone. Other times, when my last save has been on the freighter and I start up NMS or reload a save, my current ship has merged with one of the others. Sometimes they are all present and properly located.

Thanks! I saved while on my freighter and reloaded. Ship is there including the two others I had that I thought I lost as part of the update.

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Should be able to summon at any time from land too.

Glad it worked out!


When building in my freighter I’m getting blocked by my starship’s that are on the lower deck, so for the time being at least this bug can used to your advantage.

Like this?


Ive had that show up too. But even a standard height ship was impeding replacing room part in that area.

Good to know. I haven’t done any building on my freighter except the command room and a terminal. Hopefully they can fix this.

Just build a ramp and go one floor higher so the ship fin doesn’t intrude.
Then salvage all the old rooms for materials.
My only game with a freighter has my Control room as close as possible to the bridge then a ramp heading up rearwards to where I have a large partially built farm and most of my storage vaults.

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