Endurance Update MAJOR BUG

Whatever you do, DO NOT SAVE ON YOUR FREIGHTER with the save pod. I am trapped in a room with no way out…

No build pieces in my build menu…nothing but me and the stupid save pod… :scream: :tired_face: and no, I did not back up my save though I do think I have one from recently but I don’t remember how recent…


Are you sure? Because the entry/exit to the freighter has moved to the sides of the bridge. Took me some time figuring out too.


No I am sure. The pic above was my major room at the back of my freighter with storage rooms running down both side and 2 hallways connecting to front and I am now in a boxed in room with no hall, no rooms off it and an empty build menu

Before in the background

I have reloaded 3 times…same results


And you have no build menu? hmmm


Empty. Nothing in it


Hang on, … so your save was already on the freighter? You did not actually go up there after loading in elsewhere?


I started elsewhere. Landed on a frigate, used the new warp gate to my freighter, ran upstairs, began to rebuild, saved with a save pod at the back of my freighter, quit the game, reloaded and found myself trapped
I would not have quit except that I can no longer window out of NMS for some reason…


So you have been able to build before, but after saving inside, loading back in, this is no longer possible?


Correct. And the rest of my freighter is poof?! Not there. Just the room parts where my save pod is which are all legacy parts. No new parts
HG is asking for my save file


Are they? Ok, cool, means they are on it! I have not been able to repro just yet. Went to the back, placed Save Point, saved, loaded back in, everything loaded fine, and having build menu


I just tried to get to freighter using the Frigate TP, to then save in the back storage area. I still have everything render and build menu after reload. So it seems to know I am onboard the freighter just fine.

I am not sure if there is anything specific I would have to do to repro this. Anything you recall that may stand out to contribute to the issue?


I did a lot of remodeling. The only thing I can think of is the fact that all of the parts touching on the room I am trapped in were new parts and I am trapped inside old parts. My back room consisted of a lot of negative space with a corridor piece in the middle to create a room within a room. My build was complex. Perhaps too complex… I am not sure we can build with negative space with the new pieces since the corridor is the only piece we have


I was able to load my auto save file and continue with my game. It should have put me in the hangar but it put me in my settlement which is where I was when I started the Endurance update. It is like I never made it to my Freighter.
The first thing I did was land on a Frigate and open the build menu, which is empty right now. Then I warped to my Freighter and woke up later in a cube with the same empty build menu as I had on the Frigate. And then my auto save was back before I had done anything so it is like it never registered that I was ever on the Freighter.
Oh well…at least I found a way out.