Jumped back after years. Great! But CAVES!

Jumped back on after a year or more break, to see how things have progressed. Amazing ! Exploring feels even better now BUT one thing that always bothered me still didn’t get adjusted.

NO LOOT IN CAVES. The cave system in NMS is so intriguing but also so disappointing. When I see that entrance, I’m hoping for rare materials, treasures of some sort and special dangers

But there still is none of that

Mining missions
Ancient cave dwellings
Cave creatures
Falling rocks
Minerals only found under ground
Portals to deeper cave systems or planets
Toxic caves
Lava pools (well i’d Love to see lave planets added anyway)
Bottomless pits and cracks

Love to see some TLC given to the cave systems

Thanks for the fun game


Caves and underwater definitely need some work, yes. Hopefully we will see some improvements in these areas in the NEXT update in July.


If you are on PC I would recommend you this…


But yeah, here are wishes for some, or all of those wishes to come true…