First Day Buyer, Still Searching and Wondering

Where is the Ice, Fire Planets? Where is the Fiery Volcanoes and Ice Geysers. When can we see our characters?

Hmm… seems you haven’t been enjoying the recent additions. I am sure you will get your wish maybe in 1.5 maybe in 1.6 but I am sure it will be before the stop making updates for the game.

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Welcome to CSD, welcome to No Man’s Sky, Traveller!

Currently you can visit Frost planets, Scolding planets, and other types of biomes. volcanoes and geysers are currently not in the game.
However, with the recent announcement of the NEXT update, I’m willing to bet (not promise) we might see things like that this summer. :slight_smile:

Until then, enjoy the new-found wonder! If you see something interesting feel free to share! We love to see what Travellers run into. Even bugs are funny to post.

Again, welcome! :grinning:


SO do they finally have Fiery Volcanoes and Ice Geysers Planets? Thanks, I noticed legit Sand planets now.

No, they don’t. There are technically hot planets and cold planets, but those two specific things you are asking for are not in the game.


They should of been added already, Billions of Planets need diversity

Welcome traveller! :vulcan_salute: all those things you said would be good! Occasionally you find small-ish pods/tubes that spout gas, that’s probably the closest I’ve seen, but TBH there’s way more cooler things to discover! :smiley::+1: