Planets Biomes Sytems Unusual Changes!

I just wanted to put my one penny or one dime in about what I have notice since returning to NMS after over 200 hrs prev game play.

When I was in Euclid I was finding Paradise planets even in wealthy systems all different races etc with bliss peaceful etc, now maybe just the RNG was being nice to me but the breeze was super nice green grass blue clouds blue water and sea .

Now when deciding at the time to make the move too Eissentam being classed as at the time the place to go, I was nearly every give or take 8 jumps roughly to Wealthy or opulent I would find those gorgeous earth like planets, lets say basically perfect.

Alas, but decided this time round when I started to play NMS again I recently decided to pack up base destroy well pack all away and off I went just to head a bit more to the center.

What has happened to this game after the last patch as jump after jump I am finding Paradise yes - but no seas always harsh rains etc or most times planets with water are nuclear moons etc or dying or radioactive .

I swear you know when you have jumped so many times and checked systems and planets with water regardless of wealthy or low supply or anything it all sort of YUK orange seas terrible acid or paradise not a drop of water to drink lol.

Have the RNG GODS turned their back on me or has this game been changed in a hasty major way?

In truth, I found more paradise lush beautiful planets more in Euclid than Eissentam, makes me wonder is it the same there now in Euclid as it is in Eissentam at this present time.

Trust me when I tell you I have jumped so many times I think my Freighter will need a re-spray paint job as it corrodes from all this hyper jumping activity.

So is it the RNG or have they changed the game structure completely since last patch.

Not a gripe or a big thing, just a bit curious of others views etc & I mean those now in game looking for that bliss worlds with water etc.

Fly Safe & peace. :v::v::wink:


Lots of people have noticed this…it seems the universal reset decided to do away with many things. Hopefully the next will bring it back.


I am glad you said that as I thought i was going NUTS lol :crazy_face:
nearly every earth type water looking planet I have found that looks like Earth type planets like from space turns out to be dead or either radioactive or just Yuk lol

So I am guessing they changed a lot and also made the RNG extremely very ’ very rare’ for good Earth types.

Glad that’s cleared up - Thought I had caught the dreaded space virus - GektomatoskorvaxVy’keensnentominouscolematasvirussectum Phew ! :crazy_face::rofl:


Well Well @sheralmyst

You must be my RNG good luck God, as soon as I said the above I jumped 2 more times And guess what?

Perfect system !! :earth_africa::earth_americas::globe_with_meridians::rocket::flying_saucer:
And in a wealthy system lol You wouldn’t Adam & Eve It =Cockney saying you wouldn’t believe it .
You must be a luck machine.
yayy I can chill soon after rest and get building for days on end lol :rofl::star_struck::+1::sunglasses:


Or at least until BEYOND hits. Then all bets are off. Take lots of pics. :wink:


I have been playing almost exclusively in survival since it was available, so my experience was actually quite a bit different. Any paradise planets were basically off-limits, so rarely went to them, and if I did I was too busy evading sentinels to take a good look at the scenery.

It wasn’t until some patch after Atlas rises that rare paradise planets were introduced to survival mode where the sentinels wouldn’t be hostile. But they were really rare. When next dropped, they became a bit more ubiquitous, so you had more than just a fools chance to find one. So what I experienced in next was basically “oh nice, more paradise planets!” :smile:


Has anybody figured out the Ship spawning problem is it maybe because of where you may place the base computer or is it because of the placement of the teleporter?

I didn’t get this problem when in Euclid - Never noticed where I placed base computer or teleporter really, in truth as I so don’t remember…but tested this on a small quick build in new galaxy and ship ends up spawning in or just outside touching base. = Grrr :grimacing::roll_eyes:

Thanks in advance for any real input on this or if anybody defo knows the solution.


I believe your ship will try to find a ‘suitable’ place to spawn based on the location of that computer. You can try to avoid it spawning right outside your base, clipping through walls, by not building right where the computer is at. A bit of a hit and miss though and many have suggested alternatives for your ship to spawn at.

Of course once your ship has spawned, it can be solved quick and easy. Either by just calling it to another spot, or calling it in on a landing pad if you have one.


I have an excellent pic of my ship spawning in mid air just off a cliff where my base computer is. NMS is full of surprises. :laughing:


My ‘trick’ to avoid this issue is to simply place my base computer, then leave the system & return via space station teleporter, (even though I haven’t built a teleporter at my base yet, I’ll magically appear at my computer).
My star-ship will spawn in some spot relative to the base computer & I can then adjust building plans to avoid irritating ‘parking’ problems.
I usually don’t use landing pads to avoid endlessly circling ships & have found my ship spawnpoint to be 100% consistent.