Lush Planets - Do They Exist After the Next Update?

I have spent probably 30 hours looking for yellow star systems, that are tranquil, and even other yellow stars and no lush planets. I miss the purple, super bright green, and purple with blue landscapes so bad. Even verdant, temperate, and incandescent planets are either red, brown or a really dull green. I’ve found a few blue grassed planets, but nothing like what I was finding before NEXT. I have never seen a raging, or imperfect star. So I’m going to keep trying tranquil yellow starsl as long as I can in the hopes of finding lush planets again. Did they remove lush?

Am I doing something wrong? I have gone 2934 from the center up to 18,000 from the center, and no luck at all.

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I’m out on the rim. Stopped at a lot of systems and haven’t seen a Lush. The nicest that I’ve seen so far are the Bountiful and Paradise but the weather hasn’t been that enjoyable.


Thats too bad. Yeah, now that you mention it, the weather on a lot of the paradise, temperate, and verdant planets are just horrid lol. like 300 degree

OMG NO! I just signed on and after 1.53 patch I just downloaded my beautiful exotic ship is a frigate ship now. /cry not again.

Wait what? Your normal ship (exotic) turned into a frigate?

As for Lush, yellow systems should indeed have the best odds for finding Lush. Not come across any myself yet, don’t think I ever have prior to NEXT either. I did locate my current base on a nice ‘temperate’ weather planet. No change to the weather at all, no storms, nothing. About 15°C at night and about 25°C at day, bountiful flora, high Fauna (11 species), loving it. Lots of water, ocean at some regions, huge landmass elsewhere, a nice mix. I am sure I will find better at some point, but I will be keeping this base for sure. Would love to see a Lush planet and may settle another home on it, but for a main base location to call my home, many other features come in play. Good luck finding Lush though, I am sure they still exist :wink:



My new save (PS4) on the far outer rim spawned me in a 6 planet system.
2 of these are useless rocks. 2 are desert planets and 2 are ‘lush’ planets.
Of the 2 lush planets, one has different coloured trees, vibrant blue grass, no storms and interesting lifeforms. The other is an almost useless ocean world with little steep cliffed islands.
One of my desert planets is a hot (solar vine) planet with striking orange and red colours and quite special visuals and it is now my first base home planet.

Amazing planets do exist but they are evidently more spread out with more ‘typical’ planets with less striking colour schemes being the most common.

I did many, many starts recently (while testing my PS4) and I would say 1 of every 10 starts I was spawned on only 1 planet that was vibrant in its colours. The rest were rather bland.
Add to this the fact you are not spawned on dead or lifeless planets and that there are also several exotic/strange worlds too, the odds of finding a vibrant planet are now quite low.
Maybe we should have a thread for reporting the address/location of excellent planets we don’t choose to inhabit. Share the finds a little…


I don’t seem to be having any trouble finding them if I’m honest. Since Next I started house hunting again and was mistakenly searching Blue stars, I found a couple out of the dozen I searched.

Now I’m searching yellow systems again and having lots of luck. You have to make sure that it is actually a yellow star, they look yellow from afar, but going in closer, (in free look) and they can turn green or orange.

I personally, warp, scan the planets, if none found, reload, if a potential candidate is found, l’ll fly down to it and see if the planet agrees with me or not. I know if I get out my ship I’m commited so I like to fly around a bit slowly, see what creatures spawn, storms that kind of thing.

You seem to get quite a lot of bang for your buck with the Warp Cells now, so getting out of your ship to get the vital info, (Sentinels, Flora, Fauna, Weather) is not too bad.


I’ve yet to “strike it really rich”, planet-wise, but it’s not been all bad. One volcanic rock had numerous caves with lots to find & collect, of decent value, but the acid rain didn’t agree with me so… no base there. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Nightazure, I wish I could say with certainty that Lushes DO still exist; the best I can do is to suggest that, logically, they “must” still exist . . . however, I look at our Universe (IRL) and how the Search for (Intelligent) Life continues, and the suggestion / theory that it is “very rare” rather makes us quite lucky to find Life at all, on multiple planets, in NMS. :wink:
As for atmosphere-implying flora (where there’s no fauna), it “should” be almost as rare, I’d guess…

Of course, if Life were as rare in NMS as reality would have us suggest, our game would be far more boring. :frowning:
So, I get the feeling we “definitely” still have Lushes to be found. :wink: :+1:

Don’t lose hope – keep pushin’! :smiley:



I have found a lush planet in every system I have visited so far. There also seems to be a ringed planet in every system.

The rare planet type for me has been the barren rock worlds. I have only found 2 so far and both were in my starting system.


There are loads in the Eissentam galaxy…it’s the tranquil galaxy modifier that it is 4x more likely to have lush planets in yellow star systems than other galaxies…so leave Euclid behind.


Well, @LordMarkov, aren’t YOU the Lucky One?! :wink: :+1:

Seriously, though, Darth makes a fair point, which then begs the Q: What Galaxy are you presently in…?

If you’re “still in Euclid”, then I wonder if there might be any “external influence” on the SEED you get, when you play – e.g. your Player Name from the Steam or GOG Galaxy front-end, or more externally, the Label (name) you might’ve given your Hard Drive . . . :thinking:
That’d be a Curious thing indeed! :smiley:


I am surprised people are having trouble finding lush worlds. I would even go as far to say that before this thread I thought the orange grass and red tree lush planet was the most common planet type in the game.

And I should also state that the last system I visited did not have a lush planet, because there were only 2 planets.

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In regular galaxies(including Euclid) lush planets have a 2 in 9 chance of spawning in a yellow system, equal with dead planets…all other world types have a 1 in 9 chance except exotic planets which can’t spawn in a yellow system in regular galaxies.


Hey, wow, that’s quite Specific, @DarthTrethon … Where did you dig THAT info up?! :smiley:



The “Balanced Galaxy” Gamepedia page’s info is, unfortunately, clearly severely outdated.
The source XML file seems to have last been uploaded late August LAST year (2017)…
… and has sublistings for both “Yellow” and “LushYellow”, with differing Lush probabilities

The separate “source” XML file data actually gives different values than the table on the Wiki page…

The Wiki page itself was “last edited” late September LAST year…
… and there’s no indication that the current tabulated figures (implied Sept.'17) are meant to reflect NEXT 1.5+
(which, tbh, they might, but also highly likely not, given all the changes in NEXT)

Most certainly an INTERESTING set of numbers – thanks for sharing! :sunglasses: :+1: – but suddenly there are THREE possibilities, all seemingly outdated, and NO certainty that any of them pertain to 1.5+.

Sadly, I have to discount the info as “unreliable at present”. :confused:


I finally found a Lush planet with a with beautiful weather, its a constant 78F & no storms! (I’ve been there for a few hours) It 12 variations of fauna, the only thing is its ugly. Orange grass just a few trees with sporadic lakes - there are 2 types of aquatic fauna that I have found. So stormless planets do exist, just that the Paradise or Bountiful planets I have found before this one had frequent storms most at 300F or more storms that rival any of the hot planets…it just seems out of balance, “tropical showers” should melt the skin off you body. (Not sure how the fauna & flora survive) This could be a bug that HG over looked.


Really…I have never left the Euclid. Do the Eissentam galaxy planets look better overall too??

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My starting system has 1 Bountiful planet with large islands and oceans as far as the eye can see. The weather is perfect and there has only been 1 storm the entire time I have been there. I am staying until I finish all the story line quests and the Atlas quest. There is also a Tropical planet with continents and oceans but it has Boiling Rain occasionally. I have been finding desolate systems though. Yesterday I found a system that did not even have a Space Station. It was kind of weird.


Aw, Thank you. I haven’t tried the reloading for planet searching. I’ve done that when I was farming multitools, ships, and freighters.
I’m happy to know there are Lush planets still out there, and there are still purple/blue landscapes.
When I get my save back, I’ll make sure to make sure the systems are yellow.
Does it matter which color galaxy you are in? I find more blue star exotic planets in the blue zones than any other system, and I seem to find more yellow systems in the yellow colored zones.
The rings planets in the background of my moons, or other planets just knocked my socks off.
I went to the Eissentam galaxy, but found nothing at all. I have gone there 3 times since the NEXT upgrade and found no lush in any of the Tranquil systems. But I’ll try again. I end up staying within 3k to 8k from the center core usually. Another favorite and I have found plenty of those are the bubble anomaly planets. I don’t know why I love those bubbles so much. I wish they had wildlife on them, but sadly they don’t.

Thanks about the Wiki page, I went back to the biome information on several places and it’s way outdated.

I do also love the ocean’s with so many islands on them now. There are some really beautiful backgrounds since the Upgrade, but I still will look for those blue x purple grounds <3

THanks too for the link Darth. I’ll check that out too!

Happy Travels!

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For all the people who are missing blue grass on their planets don’t worry!
Here’s some:

You can listen to it while searching for lush planets.