Visions (new update)


Check this out

Originally posted on reddit - that is HGs YouTube channel

Lush Planets - Do They Exist After the Next Update?
Atlas-65 Archaeological Society



Heh, appears to have been an accidental early leak (or maybe a stealth “leak”?). In any case it looks very promising! Hope it also restores the old palette variety alongside the new (long-awaited) resource additions.

edit: Noticed at 0:15 the text actually lists “Greater Palette Variety”, and the video is showing a planet with older-style patchy purple+orangish grass. So, good sign.


I’m going with stealth leak, as they could have it taken down - or made it private in the first place


Looks it… more Graboid than Shai-Hulud.


Rainbows and fireworks!


With every update, were getting closer and closer to the original vison. I think it’s fair to say that HG are the best devs on the planet.


Liking the new ‘findables’. :+1:
Exploration & discovery variation are exactly where I like seeing the updates focus.

I wonder how long until we see this update?
Great to see HG dropping some teaser info these days. Much better PR.


With the new variety this update’s going to offer, there’s not much left on my wish list. At this point (pretty sure I’m in the minority here), all I wish they’d improve is resource management and crafting. I know people like this aspect about the game, but for me, its a bit to grindy.


Watch as I shamelessly make a video about this for views.


I’m liking the new exosuit helmets a lot!
The expanded palette variety sounds great too.


@SingularGleam: I have edited the title to include ‘SPOILERS’. Considering the video is not made public yet, I think we’d best treat it that way.


Update 1.75

  • New Anomalous Flora
  • Greater Palette Variety
  • Collectible Exploration Trophies
  • Procedural Crash Sites
  • New Fauna
  • Improved UI Feedback
  • Salvageable Scrap
  • 5 x Planetary Biomes
  • Corrupted Sentinel Drones
  • Rare Lucrative Skeletons
  • New Emotes
  • Global Community Mission
  • Rainbows
  • Increased Anomalous Planets
  • Storm-Activated Crystals
  • Launchable Fireworks
  • New Base Parts
  • More Will Follow…


This is almost going to make me cry. I’m not going to watch the video because I don’t want to know what I might see but just reading the description makes me very happy because it sounds like this is once again the No Man’s Sky I fell in love with on that early August day…


Damn HG, not so fast! How am I ever going to get around to playing other games at this pace?? :angry:

It’s good to finally see a new procedural system, though. I was beginning to fear that they would just add static content on top of the Procgen from here on out, considering that while they have massively overhauled the terrain engine, we haven’t really seen any actually new systems in ages. And that’s where I really want this game to go: Keeping pioneering procgen systems.


You are totally right, sorry about that :blush:


Has this dropped yet? Cos I may just not go on my museum visit today if it has :joy:

This is beautiful. The purple grass is back…

Did you hear me? I said,



No, we don’t know when it’s releasing.


So, this would lead me to believe there will be another great cataclysm if there’s going to be newly added biomes and fauna etc.

The new player base on x1 will be in for a shock :smiling_imp:

I personally welcome the chaos that comes with the reseeding of the sim but I understand some people aren’t overly fond of them, and probably not so soon after the last one.

My one hope is they use this opportunity to make ringed planets a little rarer and that rainbows aren’t as common as ringed planets are now.


I don’t know - they didn’t reset for the underwater overhaul - and I thought for sure they would have to