Visions (new update)


Well that only effected water areas which were essentially an empty slate and already in place but I was expecting a drastic overhaul myself there, was quite neat how they pulled iyt off, though I did notice some areas of land got raised slightly higher to add more sheer cliff edge type areas… Or I imagined that :thinking:

I’m also beginning to think that everything they asked us about in that survey was a list of things they were actively working on and used it as a basis for which they should prioritise.


That’s my theory on the survey as well - determined their priorities


Very minor cataclysm.
From what I have seen in the Abyss, they have refactored their engine to allow quite some flexibility. They obviously are capable of changing the objects appearing on a planet without changing the terrain, as well as changing the object composition of specific sub-biomes (underwater flora and fauna changed completely in the abyss without affecting the type of flora or fauna on the surface. I don’t know whether it affected their exact position, but there weren’t suddenly different plants growing that weren’t there before).

Going from that, the engine is most certainly also capable of changing color palette without affecting either terrain or object placement, as that would be fairly trivial.
Since I can’t see any obvious correlation between biome and terrain, they are likely also capable of changing a planets biome without changing its terrain.

So I’m pretty certain that while your planet may have different colors and different stuff growing on it in other places, different animals running around, and possibly even a different biome (though that is pure speculation… I can’t spot anything that would suggest the introduction of entirely new biomes), the actual terrain will be completely unaffected.


I agree. The engine appears to have been capable of this for a long time. Some pre-Next mods scrambled biome types and resources without changing the terrain. I think the big galactic resets were reserved for when significant changes were made specifically to the terrain gen formulas. Focusing on the terrain in the video, It all appears typically characteristic of Next - I see no obvious signs it’s been reset.



OMG I hope this is soon. I’m so happy and excited for the new palettes! Woot!




Snappies have competition


Yay, they finally made the link available :slight_smile:


Clappies? ;0;

I guess I’m not going into my course tomorrow… I’ve an airbnb experience tour booked I’m supposed to be giving too in the afternoon. I’m sure they’ll understand. If not, I’ll make them understand :imp:

Silicon based lifeforms, FINALLY :heart_eyes:


Nothing new in those, but I’m excited


OMG I can’t wait til tomorrow.

In the last three weeks I had sent MacForA Day’s video that I posted here with his colorful planet before Next, and I also sent Hello games this video below. I love hello games. They are the best best developers ever!


Now I’m super happy that I just got a PSPro two days ago, and dont’ let anyone say that without a 4k tv the graphics are the same as a plain ps4. That’s absolutely wrong, or they don’t have a decent tv. My no mans sky graphics on my pspro are beautful! And I can stream in 1080p as well. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. I do plan on getting a 4 k gaming tv in the future.


Once I read the Patch notes, I realised this update would come sooner than I expected. I honestly thought this would not go live before week 2 of December or so. Do they have any surprises planned for Xmas as well???


@SingularGleam: I removed the [SPOILER] from the topic title again, considering HG has now officially released the update info.


Daaaamn. Just the first 5 images of the biomes had brought me to tears.
More because I can’t play this for a while now. :’(


but greater palette variety means that we will have more different types of planets? I don’t understand why showing an old type of planet? and why is it a good sign? please explain? haha sorry


We can ask everyone to wait playing until you can join. I am sure nobody minds :thinking:


Haha, nope. The prospect of this new update is far too tempting to ask anyone to keep away from it.XD

I think I’ll just turn in my projects early and settle down for a good play-through.


People have been talking a lot lately about the fact that pre-Next palettes had a lot more color variety than post-Next. I was commenting on how the video shows they appeared to be listening, and it’s a good sign they are restoring some of the better color range from pre-Next.


Also, This looks like a Gladiator “Are you not Entertained” moment to all those complaining of not enough Planet variety.