Visions (new update)


Sentient minerals? I’m dying! :smile:


Another Observation:
The Colour Palette IS Varied, but still kept subtle and keeping to the NEXT Art Style.


More like ‘Runaway Resources’ :rofl:


Wow, some long-time bug fixes in those patch notes. Some Next-day-one: missing NipNip blueprint, added purchasable S-class Underwater modules, (presumably) fixed missing ammonia & uranium deposits, fixed everything being named “Yukovsite” (lol), etc. Some pre-Next too!: fixed terrain tool destroying collectibles, fixed Atlas Pass V2/V3 not opening V1 locks.


I was able to get the Nip Nip recipe in a newer (NEXT) save from a mission given by the agriculture Gek at my base after one of the recent updates (I want to say it was after we got the pilgrim.)

edit: A friend did build some at my base as well, which may have “jogged it” in the system to give the recipe.


For me, these elements really enhance that sci-fi look and feel. I want more! :sunglasses:


So I’m zoomed in scouring for details…

Was about to point out this cool reflective mirror like triangle growing on top of the flora…

Maybe ponder if it’s a “This Island Earth” Interocitor nod or maybe Mork and Mindy nod (or even a not to the MST3K Movies take on This Island Earth).

Then I realised what it actually was… Face, meet palm. Palm, face.




That’s nice for you, but I don’t seem to get what it actually is…


I have heard the rumor that this update releases tomorrow. Does anyone have evidence of this?


I’m not going to be happy until they fix the snap points on the old infrastructure base building parts!

Just kidding, I’m happy!

I would like to see a base building overhaul in one of these updates though…


It’s the arrow for the next pic


I’ve been doing my best to not look at images & not know too much about what’s coming in this update.
I’d like the discoveries to be fresh to me.
It’s sooo hard to not look though :smile:




The Helmet!!! :heart_eyes:





edit 10.396 GB


Pc just went live as well


Only 456.3 MB


Well, maybe I won’t be playing fallout tonite. I got bored and haven’t played for the last few days.


Live on GOG. 307 MB. :+1::joy: