Visions (new update)


Update has been live since about 10 a.m. EST on Steam for you PC players. A fairly small and quick 400 something MB download.

First impressions: Wow! Almost like having the “Diverse Environments” mod loaded! I decided to start a fresh “vanilla” game in Normal mode, and my starter planet is amazing! All kinds of flora, fauna, and large sprawling cave systems.

Currently running back and forth between NMS and basting the turkey! Happy Thanksgiving!


Not sure if it’s due to 1.75 or just procedural generation but hadn’t encountered two identical fauna with different names.




Did the second count towards discovery total too? In vanilla, you could also discover the individual variants of a species but at some point they fixed it so discovering one would discover all. However since NEXT or maybe even as far back as Atlas rises you can still occasionally encounter this and receive the “creature belongs to already discovered species” message and have it appear in your discovery list, but not count towards your discovery total for that planet.


Those things on the ground with the pink circles remind me of a classic game and its sequel.
Manic Mansion and Manic Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle


Those things sort of look like sculptures inspired by cartoon characters, which were inspired by Picasso…
I like! :wink:


Anyone else getting the “hostile ships defeated” at the start of a battle rather than when the enemy ship is actually defeated? NOTE: This happens when near my fleet and you get assistance from your fleet when fighting hostile that close by. Including that for zendesk report.So far that is the only error I’m getting in Visions.
I’m sure this will be moved to the proper place if it does not belong here.


Found the Ancient Bones by scanning for them. Still not found the Satellite bits.

Are the Storm Crystals not a decorative item?


Both of those games are so good!


Ancient bones, Rainbows, living rocks, crystal critters… I just think it’s a missed opportunity now that we’re told what’s new. I think it would have been great to find new things on our own and spread them through the forum. I know they need to brag about new features and things but I think the next update should be called ‘SURPRISES’… and the lady in the video should say…"Welcome to No Man’s Sky Surprises, we ain’t tellin’ you **** about this one, but more will follow! :smile:


The storm crystals seem to be a trade item. I was hoping they’d be decorative too. The satellite bits are on dedicated planets like the bones,although the description escapes me at the minute, you’ll know it as soon as you see it though.


Well, the Storm Crystals do attract lightning so it is prolly a good thing they are not decorative, lol. :cloud_with_lightning:


I found satellite bits on a planet marked as having Salvageable something ,in the ship scan.


Thats it, it was salvageable scrap :slight_smile:


Look familiar? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Hello Games definitely took a note from the design for the sentinels from the Matrix for these guys.


We already knew the QS shop is shared with all other saves somehow. I still have the issue of some items showing as available, even though bought already. I did however never notice how even the quantity is shared. I had finished the week 8 event on one save, and bought 5 fireworks of each type. When I finished the event on my other save, I did not already have these items, as usual, but the amounts for the fireworks were already set to 5 instead of 1.


Well all of my missing ships reappeared in my Freighter after I installed Visions…Hooray!..then I started the game up this morning and they are all gone again…Booooo! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Haha! I’ve avoided 1.75 posts until I was finally able to play myself this morning, so I hadn’t seen your post yet. Literally the first thing I said when portalling to the event planet was “OMG, it’s Day of the Tentacle!”


This update is so great. Looking forward to playing again after a break. One of the reason I stopped playing is that a lot of the planets seemed quite similar.

Well, that, and lots of other games clamouring for my attention.


Sooo… has anybody else a problem with their ship marker not being visible anymore? :eyes:


No. I have had that happen before Visions but not since…yet.