[SPOILER] Calypso Galaxy ain't mucking about

I’ve completed Artemis quest, and I have chosen a raging galaxy. Well, what do you know… at least from the looks of the starting system, it might as well be raging. There are four planets, I’ve been on 3 and two had extreme environmental hazards. Third one was a lush planet… with aggressive sentinels! It’s no survival mode but it’ll do…

PS. Going to another galaxy? Get a stack of Iron… punching rocks for iron with 300+ degrees Celsius outside with storm is quite fun :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Might wanna tag this post as spoilers, since not everyone would be too happy reading about the artemis quests.

That being said, I did indeed notice that Calypso (was already there) has a lot of high risk planets of all kinds. I just thought it was either random chance or just some change in the update that happened to all galaxies. But it might well be that some galaxies now have “modifiers” that make them sway a bit more in certain ways.

I got to Calypso the old-fashioned way in v1.24. It’s got its share of extreme planets for sure but I wouldn’t say it’s quite as ‘hostile’ as its new label indicates.

Interesting. So there does seem to be a difference between the galaxies? (I haven’t left Euclid)

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According to gamepedia NMS wiki, there is, and apparently, even the first system is nasty :wink:

But the sumulation/s got reset/rebooted in 1.3 so this may now be the case?

Sure, one day I was 170k lightyears from its centre, the next 670k.

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Does anyone know if there is away of telling, what kind of galaxy your in, besides the quest?

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Galaxy map somewhere or the journey/discovery Menus?

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Use the Terminus teleporter and it will show on arrival. From Base to Space Station certainly works, the other way around, not quite sure.


I have just surveyed all the planets in that system. Only the dead planet is bearable, others have environmental hazards, nasty sentinels, or even both (never seen before by me in Euclid). Gonna see another system now…

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Planet of 284.3°c. Don’t think I’ve been anywhere that hot before. Didn’t stay long!

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That’s too hot to cook most foods but steak. But let me guess, the bird were singing, the animals frolicking… :sweat_smile:


Yup, a ‘combustible dust’ atmosphere rich in flora and fauna!

That could luck of the draw…but I do recall my start in Calypso was brutal too way back in the day…I passed through Calypso last September before the foundation update though.

Today’s ‘charred planet’ is a toasty 318.7°c. This time I remembered to take a screenshot:

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yes Calypso is brutal , i have yet to be land on a planet that isn ot toxi , too hot , crazy sentinals etc. To be honeset i regret it but we will make it out one day lol