Can't find Galaxy name in NMS gamepedia

I am trying to find my galaxy name Davilia

Can’t see it… does that mean it is not know to anyone else?
Wish I understood a bit more about the shape of this universe and where the galaxies are?
I know there is the galaxy map when you travel but is there any other map wher the galaxies are plotted?

I wouldn’t be surprised, if some galaxy names have been changed with 1.3, just like the planet, system, and region names…

Interesting. What galaxy number are you in?

how did you get there

Ummm does this help with what galaxy? And how I got there, well at the new update I was suddeny somewhere different was before in Euclid then a new place. Have teleported back to old base planet but chose to go back to the new plce… i am sorry but I really don’t know what I am doing !

Davlia is the name of the star. When you go to the Galactic Map, when you’re in space, it will show you in the upper left an icon of the galaxy you’re in and its name.

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Silly me…

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Ok so I am a novice and shouldn’t be allowed to fly without my nanny …sorry folks… will sort it out now thank you all

And I thought maybe we can some new galaxies :frowning:

Oh well…

No worries Linshell

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I have been trying to figure out how to know what Galaxy I am in as well, but I must be blind as I have no clue where to find this. I tried the Galactic Map, but I do not see it shown. I only see the System and Region and distance to the Galactic Core. Some additional help would be appreciated. I am on PC.

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By golly, you’re right. I recall when 1.3 first dropped that the Galactic Map was a cause of consternation for me. But in that first build, it showed the name of the galaxy below the image in the upper left along with that insanely huge new distance to center. Now however, the name is absent. It’s possible, until an update fixes this, that the only time you’ll see the name of the galaxy we’re in is when we fly to a new star system or land on a new planet.

One thing I’m wondering is if Team Mercury has a well defined galactic layout with all the regions defined, or if they left that to The Sim to work out.

Just found out I’m in Euclid galaxy… oh so many others. Do people just hope skip and jump to other ones without landing on planets ? And how do I get to another galaxy eventually?

Well you eventually have to get to the center in some fashion (warping, portals) or you can follow the new lore (Atlas Path) to eventually get some choices. Everyone starts in the Euclid and quite frankly that’s where most still are. If you find some portal coordinates near the center of Euclid you could enter those at a portal (assuming you can activate it) and go to those coordinates. If you’re a long way from obtaining all the glyphs and portals aren’t in your offing for a while, then follow the new lore/Atlas Path. Otherwise, just keep using your hyperdrives and eventually you’ll get to the center.

Thank you, as I am in creative I think I will keep moving along system by system… might take me some time… !

I’m also in creative mode. And without giving away spoilers, the Atlas path was the fastest way to jump ahead to where I’m at now. Otherwise, you can just go system to system and take your time. In creative mode, you can use portals right away so if you wanted to jump closer, all you’d have to do is find someone who posted coordinates closer to the center, find a portal, enter there coordinates and you’re there! But I also spent the last year in Euclid so it was just recently I felt the urge to explore a few new galaxies!

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Noticed that using the Terminus Teleporter will show the name of the galaxy when you arrive.

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