Sand Planets


Not so long ago, there were people in other forums complaining that there were no sand planets in No Man’s Sky.

Well now there are. I’m on one right now.

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Giant Sand Worms? :snake:


Not so far. But who knows?


༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ :snake:


Nice find. :slight_smile:
Just curious though, is this a scorched type, or a barren type, or something else?


Oh rats. I’m back at my base now, I’ll have to go back. If people are interested, I’ll get the portal address.


Ah, no need specifically. I was just curious. (Might even be some info on it in your planet discovery list.)


Well, the good news is that it’s a Desolate Planet. Arlunggan Eflo, in the Enovenwe-Ujene (blue star) system.

The bad news is that when I placed a signal booster and looked for a monolith, it pointed me to another planet. And if there’s no monolith on the planet, finding a portal (if there even is one) will be tough.

There are four planets in the system. I could probably find a portal on one of the others - but you can’t take your ship through a portal - so you still wouldn’t be able to get here.


Nice! I’ve found a lot of things people said weren’t in there from day 1. But then you actually have to truly explore to see what’s really out there. You can’t just fly around for 5 minutes or land and look around and leave. I’ve discovered many cool things by spending many hours on some planets (like 15-20 hours plus). Even then I felt I probably missed some neat stuff.


I did find it (pre 1.3).
Just some travellers aren’t exploring enough, I guess.


Same. I just found one a bit ago.
inb4 “I hate sand”


Is that a Jawa transport in the distance?


Not sure - but I saw someone throw two robots in the back…


Can you call your freighter? Would the ship be on that?


Bit hard getting to it without a ship, still…


MMM Yum sand


Um ha ha. Er… I mean can you not find a crashed ship, fix it, fly into space , call your freighter that way? Or maybe buy a cheap ship just to reach space and call the freighter?
I have never tried but if that swaps a ship then I guess best to take a ‘junk’ ship to a portal before entering it and coming out the other side. Then I assume if you find a ship… the junk one is swapped over before flying into space to call your freighter.

has anyone attempted this? Maybe I shall have to try this sometime.


Once you pass through a portal, there are no ships. None to buy, none crashed. You can call your freighter, and see it hanging there in space, but there’s no way to get to it.

The worlds beyond the portals are not the same as the ones you leave. Similar, but different.


This may seem a long silly question but to use the portal and continue the game from the other side of the portal, you have to claim a base on the planet first? Then return to the portal planet using teleport.

If so does that mean my current base buildings and farm would be destroyed? So to travel about the galaxy(s) using portals would mean destroying bases each time? Which in that case would mean it best to build a base on a freighter if I want to visit a lot of portals?


Portals are only intended to be used to visit single planets. You can go anywhere in the galaxy using portals, provided you know the address.

If you want to take your ship with you, and explore further, then yes, you’ll have to move your base - and the method you described will work.

Even if you put your base on a freighter, it will be destroyed if you claim a base you travelled to through a portal, so I don’t think there’s any advantage to using freighter bases in that respect.